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So here's the thing...

I've created an online course in (mostly) video format.. there's 20-30 videos ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, I have included worksheets, checklists and a couple of audio files aswell.

Others in my niche are selling anywhere between $20 to $2000..

Soooo... any ideas on how much I should be charging for this course?

Let me clarify...

How much do you think is a reasonable price to spend on something that will help you sell more stuff from your site?
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    Unless you're a big name or have some incredible case studies/proof, forget about the higher prices.

    What do you think your information is worth? If you paid $297 for it, would you be happy with what you got for your money?

    If it really will help people make more money then you can jusity a relatively high price, even if you aren't a big name.

    If it was me I'd start lowish and keep increasing until I found the sweet spot.

    How about starting at $97 and going from there? Better to offer incredible value for money than to turn everyone off with huge prices.

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    Thanks, that makes sense.. I really don't know how much the info is worth to me... took me about a decade to become an expert so I'm condensing that info into a few hours tutorial.
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      I would price it very low to get started. Maybe let xx number of people in at the intro price and then get there feedback on it.

      That will get you a little money in your pocket and some valuable feedback from customers. Once you find out what they liked and didn't like you can go ahead and make changes where you see necessary.

      Also, ask them what they think a reasonable price would be.
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    Split test. Start with a really low and a really high number (not too high if you're a nobody though, I'd keep it in the 100-150 range provided there's enough info to justify it), make two different pages and test it with ppc or whatever source of traffic you plan on using. After a few hundred hits and hopefully some sales, see which one converts* better. If the low price converts better, lower the price on the high price page and wait for results. If the higher price converts better raise the price on the low price page. Keep going until you find the one that makes you the most money.

    By 'converts better' I mean converts into a higher profit, not raw buyers. The low price might sell more but if you have one page selling at 10 bucks and another selling at 150, 1 sale in the latter is worth 15 in the former.
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    This is an interesting and common question... Value of the product is the 'projected results' that the person would get by applying the information in the book, and another factor is how good you are at explaining it.

    So if a person can make $50,000 with it if they do it, for gods sake, charge $500 easy!! Justify this by saying how easy it is to make $500, but not only $500, you can make $50,000 in the next 12 months. What an awesome return in your investment.

    It's not 'your fault' if they do not make the money, as long as the info works. You are just opening the door to their future. If they can get a new house within x amount of months, or live their life to the fullest, that's "priceless"... Put more on the pricetag than what you think

    - Chris
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    You're wasting your time asking us what it's worth.

    People will tell you all sorts of things - and they almost always do not equate the what they would actually pay.

    You need to test this for yourself.

    Ultimately things are only worth what someone will pay - only YOU will know what people will pay YOU.

    You see 'Gurus' selling for $2k the same things that others are giving away for free. The perceived value of something has a lot to do with the source of where it's coming.

    If you're marketing videos by you then the perceived value will have a lot to do with who YOU are.


    nothing to see here.

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