Get Mentored By Multi Millionaires For Free

by Harlan
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Lots of people want to learn effective marketing.

Why not learn from two multi-multi-millionaires.

And I'm not kidding - it's free.

Joe Polish and Dean Jackson have been offering a free podcast called "I Love Marketing" on iTunes now for over a year.

If you travel to work, listen to a podcast a day.

If you don't get ideas that will make you money, you are in a coma.

There's no charge and there's rarely a pitch.

Solid timeless teachings.

Now go make some money. The material is classic and awesome.


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    It actually plays online with Quick Time You could be visiting the WF and listening to these two guys.

    I did a search for what you wrote "I love marketing" on iTunes.

    There are currently 92 podcasts right now.


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