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Hello all! I am just starting out with my niche, have been doing it for about 3-4 months, and I am struggling on getting traffic, i get an average of about 5 a day, sometimes a lot more and sometimes none. I use free traffic of course until I get a whole lot better at understanding how all of this works. I have 4 sales so far and working on my 5th so clickbank can send a check, should be about $200 once I get it, and what I am wondering is if I should invest in paid traffic at this time or keep it and work on the site a bit more and keep using the free traffic until I get a better understanding. Another thing is I want to thank everyone on this site for the TONS of helpful information that is posted on here daily. I really do appreciate everyones commitment to helping.
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    Keep using the free traffic and stay away from paid traffic until you're
    making good amount of money. Because in paid traffic you'll lose a lot
    of money at first.. You won't be an expert until you spend a lot of money
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    Originally Posted by chriswillett View Post

    what I am wondering is if I should invest in paid traffic at this time or keep it and work on the site a bit more and keep using the free traffic until I get a better understanding.
    I would go for the paid traffic. I would look for one of those Google offers where they give you $100 in free traffic. Experiment with their money first. Hopefully you will be able to make money off the free offer to fund your future ads.
    I'm not selling anything.
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    Keep using free traffic - it can provide you with thousands of visitors a month if done correctly.

    One example is to post YouTube videos. These can go viral quickly if you provide good helpful content.
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    Congrats on your first post! Nothing wrong with free marketing... do alot of it and you can get a ton of traffic to your site. Plus, free marketing will give you a good understanding of how to market yourself online without paying hundreds of dollars to get traffic. Anybody can pay for traffic, but not everybody can make money with they don't have advertising funds to start out with.
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    I'd stick to free traffic for the time being and once your making more money then branch out to paid traffic.

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    Stay with the free traffic and track everything. Once you get good conversions you can then invest into some paid traffic based on some real data. Most fail at paid traffic initially because they aren't basing their decisions on data but instead on what they think will work. I know I lost a lot at first because I didn't believe a lot if my data because it didn't make sense I me.
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    Paid traffic can be very effective if you get it from the right place. Always keep up your efforts on pulling in free traffic though. Build yourself a network of sites, some mailing lists and social accounts so you always have free traffic flowing if you follow the basic steps. You can build this up over time cumulatively too so that really helps.
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      Im a newbie aswell and defo sticking with the free traffic for the moment. As revenue goes, I will allow costs to go up also...
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    Learn the ropes, that is the most important thing, then you can start making smart investments in both time and money. Good luck.
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      Congratulations, you need to celebrate the success. The fact you already made sales with the free method proves that your strategy works so keep working on it and at the same time learn few more new traffic methods to increase your traffic.

      I am Gary Ganesan, entrepreneur and online marketer, and I am excited to help you jumpstart your online business. My website, MonetizingInternet.com, contains a lot of information, as well as tips and tricks on the Internet marketing trade.

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    Go with the free traffic for now and look for ways to incorporate a funded proposal to pay for paid traffic.
    I'm building my online business and sharing everything, successes and failures.
    Come along on the journey!
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    I'm just starting out to, congrats on making some sales! Good to see a success story. Don't lose the fire keep that momentum.

    Here's to the Warriors!

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    SEO is much difficult today. ppc is for sure doable. You need to have a nice design site to get google approved. Google is call affiliate sites as "bridge sites".
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    You're not earning enough to use paid traffic yet. Get better at SEO to get more free visitors, then you can see about scaling up once you're making a little more.
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