My Success Story and Winning the Lottery

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Hello everyone!!!

It has been a while since I have posted on here, so I thought that I would check in real quick. I still drop by every so often to see what the new trends are on the WF, and I would recommend it to all of you newbies trying your hand at IM.

When I was knew to IM the most helpful thing to me was to read success stories. I would work and work and work until I couldn't stand to look at a computer screen. When I couldn't take it anymore I would look for success stories to read on the WF. Here is mine.

I lost my full time job in 2008 and my part time job early in 2009. Everyone else lost there jobs at the same time so I was unable to find employment. I was flat broke and put everything from groceries to mortgage payments on credit cards for about a year. At this time I could not see anyway I was going to get a job to get me out of the hole I was digging myself.

I decided that I had to focus on IM, so I focused on IM until I made it. I did websites with adsense, Fiverr, blogging, affiliate marketing, and etc but I made almost nothing. I finally ended up selling ebooks on Amazon before most people new what a Kindle or ebook were. My first book sold in February of 2009.

I still receive a pay check from Amazon every month but I haven't touched hardly anything with ebooks for almost 2 years now. My friends and I have an inside joke where we say "free money" with a laugh or a smile during our conversations. This is in reference to the money that shows up in our mailboxes for work or an investment that we did previously.

After losing interest in ebooks I started a business selling products online. Instead of taking the shotgun approach like my original IM efforts back in 2008, I do things differently now. All my products are well researched before I sell them. I want to know my market, what they are buying, and the amount I can easily sell with very little effort. This has created me more "free money". I spend most of my time doing this, but I also dabble in real estate, apps, and a few other things.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine called to see if I knew anyone who sold a specific product. I said no, but a business partner decided it was worth looking in to. He eventually found the product and we sold it. The company that purchased them just informed us that in a couple of weeks they will probably place another order in the next 2 months. They were not sure on the exact numbers but the sale will be in the millions.

This has led us to come up with a new term, "winning the lottery". This would be making 7 figures in profit, in one deal. The funny thing is that now that we have our first deal under our belt we are aware of numerous other Fortune 500 companies that need the same product. I haven't "won the lottery" yet, but I fully intend to in the next six months. Among my group of friends we now often say things like, when I "win the lottery" I am going to invest in this. Or did you guys "win the lottery" on that deal.

I am not here to brag about my success, I just want to give some motivation to those of you that are struggling with IM, regardless of whether this is your first day or 5th year in IM.

Some quick advice. Ask specific questions on this forum. Don't ask "how do I make money the fastest", or "what's the best way to make money". No one wants to help those people looking for a quick buck with no effort. If they do make money it usually doesn't last and they are always looking for the next quick buck. However, most Warriors want to help someone that is willing to do some work and take action.

Read the forum, find an income topic that appeals to you, read up on it and take action. At this point you can ask a specific question like, "I receive plenty of traffic on my website, but my click through rate is terrible. How can I get more clicks on my ads?"

IM is not easy, but it is rewarding. Good luck to everyone on the WF this December!!!
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    Great story and share. I would love to hear more of the details about your success. I love numbers!

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      Originally Posted by JoeMack View Post

      Great story and share. I would love to hear more of the details about your success. I love numbers!

      Hey Joe,

      First Amazon Kindle sale netted $1.05 in profit. It was the last day of the month in February 2009. It took me a few months to get into the hundreds of dollars, but that was mostly because I had gone back to school full time, and was looking for a job with most of my time.

      Around three months after I started I remember having a conversation with my wife. She was asking me how we were going to pay an overdue bill. At the same time I was showing her that I had made about $35 on Amazon and I hadn't really done any work since the first month. I told her that if I had put more time into ebooks that I would have made 10 times the amount that month. She rolled her eyes and asked said what we do with $300 and no job. I told her that it would stop at $300, and it would just continue to grow. Eventually, we would make thousands per month. At this she threw her arms up in exasperation and left the room.

      About three months later I quit the idea of looking for a job, and put some real effort into the Kindle books. By December I broke four figures, and did solid four figures throughout 2010. In December of 2010 I broke into 5 figures, which I did throughout most of 2011. That December I told my wife I was never going to get a job again. This time she was much more positive.

      In October of 2011 I started buying and selling physical products. I set a goal of 25k in 2011, 250k in 2012, and 1 million in 2013. In 2011 I did a little over 20k and this year should be about 200k. A little short of my goals both years. A couple of months ago I really started to try and figure out how we could increase sales next year. I came up with a way to bring investors money into our business to help it grow. It's completely outside the box and I have had a really positive response. We had to redo our goals and now we are shooting for 2 mil in sales next year.
      I'm not selling anything.
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