PLR Mart - has Anyone Had Luck?

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I purchased Tiffany Dow's course on starting a PLR Mart a few years ago, and I returned it.

Now I am thinking about buying it again.

The idea is to sell groups of limited edition PLR. It had some structures that looked complicated to me at the time - the shopping cart system for one, but I probably could figure it out or hire someone on Fiverr to help me with it now.

I write a lot of articles - I just wonder if any one has had success with starting a PLR mart.
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    There are three things about your post that tells me you probably won't make it in internet marketing... that is unless you change your thinking.

    Here's why:

    1. You bought a course but returned it because of technical setbacks you really didn't want to figure out at the time.

    2. You're interested in this type of business again which tells me you like writing articles but still lack the technical knowledge to set it up.

    3. The last part of your question is what has me thinking the way I stated at the beginning because you are asking if anyone is successful starting a PLR Mart.

    Well, in every area of internet marketing, in every area of offline marketing there is at least one guy KILLING it. There is at least one guy making millions from this and every other idea out there, even the ideas people give up on and even the ideas others say "not a hope in hell".

    Why is that...

    Because those people forge ahead. They stop asking questions and get busy. They don't want to read about the good old feel good stories, they just want to make it. So no matter what these people figure it out, make changes until it works and then look for ways to make it better.

    My point is... you're still not ready to pursue a PLR Mart, otherwise you'd be sinking your teeth into it and not waiting for someone to come here and verify their success. But if there were people sharing their success with you would that make you put this into action or would you look for something else to hold you back?

    PS. Not trying to be harsh... just trying to knock you off the starting block so you can begin moving forward...
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    Yes the shopping cart is quite hard to get right but once you have that in place it's just a case to add the content and promote it...

    It will be hard if you are a newbie but stick with it and I am sure you will make money.

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      The shopping cart is secondary. You can get one blog from Suzanne with a cart for example, or use jvzoo, or you can post your plr packages in tradebit, or you can sell them here with a paypal button and send it via email.

      There are MANY options. The most important part are the prl packages. Get them done. If they are good and the niche is hot, they will sell.
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    Why not keep it simple?

    Get a eCommerce theme from WooThemes, create a collection of 5, 10, 25, or whatever amount of articles you want to bundle together on a given topic, eg Facebook (why a biz needs FB, How to setup an FB page, How to run an FB ad, Is FB good for local biz, etc).

    Then you just link the payment option to PayPal and your away!!

    When a user comes to your site, they get to view the article bundles you offer, make a selection, go to checkout, use their paypal to make a payment win!
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    You could also sell the PLR as a WSO if you weren't ready to set up your own store.

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    Thanks - these are great suggestions. I am an experienced writer, and I have some expertise in a lot of different areas ( I am a nurse and a teacher by education and experience) but I am not getting enough for my writing efforts. I mostly write on Squidoo, although I have done my own blogs. I will snoop around the different options and see what Warriors do when they sell PLR.
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