Question about submitting articles with an article submitter?

by Jason Zalesky 5 replies
I was wondering how may people use a program to submit their articles they write? And if they do, are they just writing one article and having it posted on 20 plus directories? Or do you have them changed a little for each. I have been doing this manually and writing one article per directory and was looking to find a better solution. Please any advice on this would be great and if you know of a good program I would like to know about that too.

Thanks in advance,
Jason Z
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    Hi Jason,

    I haven't gone through the processes you're asking about, but Brad Callen's Article Submitter is a good program. There's a free version and a Platinum version.

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      I am going to be testing article post robot over the next several days...I will report back when I have some details

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        Hi Jason,

        I have used an article submitter in the past and rather than submit the same article to 200 sites I would break it down to groups of twenty-five using different article titles for each group along with some simple changes in paragraphs.

        The results have always been mixed. It seemed that the main value were the backlinks which I would spread out using directories with mixed page rank and not just the highest rank.

        Traffic was minimal to non-existent for 90% of the directories. There was decent traffic from the main article directories as well as some from niche directories that were related to my articles subject matter.

        That was a couple of years ago.

        Now, I only submit to the main article directories as well as some related niche directories. Search this forum for 'article directory list' and you will find an extensive selection of directories from which to choose.

        One mistake I made not too long ago was the removal of over 200 articles from a top directory due to an entire change of direction in what I am trying to do. This was not a good idea! If you ever find yourself in this same position, maintain affiliate relationships that can still be used with the existing articles and just change your resource box.
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