Has anyone had success with Green products?

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Hello all, I just wanted to know if anyone has had success with Green or (eco- friendly) products. I don't need specifics, just a general idea how some of you may be doing. My website has little traffic because I don't have a list or possibly the right keywords. I would like to get traffic to it, but I'm not sure what the market is like for green products. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, jl.
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    Most of the "right" keywords are very competitive and seem to be dominated by deep-pocketed entrenched marketers and SEO professionals. Perhaps you should consider other advertising methods or building a list. Email is my primary marketing method in this very broad but competitive niche.

    There actually is a large and growing consumer market for "green" or "environmentally friendly" products, and companies are increasingly using related terminology in their maketing for exploitation of this phenomenon. However, considering now that there are environmental laws dealing with manufacturing processes, energy, food production, recyling, management of waste, etc, ambiguity is also increasingly becoming a marketing obstacle.

    Consumers seem to be jaded by products emblazoned with "green", "organic", or "eco-friendly" labels, which so often means they're just more expensive. Buying habits broadly reflect an undeniable movement of a growing but also perhaps a dim realization that the current culture is not "sustainable" and needs to change.

    The embrace of ecology is often confounded by the ambiguities of what is "green" or "environmentally friendly". If you can find products from companies in which environmental values are central to corporate values, and can effectively convey that to prospects, then you've got a goldmine.
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