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Well guys, I was planning on starting a new blog, and I read about this somewhere, and found it interesting, so I was wondering which would you prefer if you were a website reader.

1) 1 post / 3 days ~ 500 words
2) 1 posts / 7 days ~2000 words

The second option, posts are rarer, however they are significantly longer, and well written.
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    I will prefer your first option. One post of 500 words in three days and it is not impossible at all. In that way you have consistency of blogging and you will get good ranking in big brother Google.

    I think consistency is very important while blogging. It will keep your blog fresh and readers intact. That is why bloggers like John Chow becomes successful in internet marketing. If your blog becomes one year old then you could shift to second option.

    - Pradeep
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    My suggestion is stick to 500 words . People often lose interest if a post is too long . So rather pack interesting facts in a 500 word article as opposed to prolonging it with 2000 words . However should the topic of the day be of a nature that requires an article longer than 500 words than be flexible .

    However mostly try to keep it interesting and short.

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    If I was a reader, I would prefer short content, more frequently. I don't have time to read long blogs and usually just skim them.

    Leadership Freak posts everyday, 300 words or less, and has gathered a pretty decent following.

    Seth Godin posts everyday, as few as one word, as many as 1000 (or more if he's hot on a topic). Overall he tends to be < 300 words per day.

    It helps to be in front of your audience as often as possible. Plus, the shorter the message, the more likely they will consume it right away, instead of archiving it for later (and forgetting about it).

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    I would prefer first one because I am interested to read short articles but regularly. Some time as a reader I don't like long articles.
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    I prefer 500 word.Easy reading and you can post more often. Make your site interesting and get visitors come back sooner
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    I would say that instead of word count, concentrate on the content. Regardless of the length, make EACH of the pieces high quality. Frequent posting of low quality content will do no good to your readers or your website. Take your time; besides a 2000 words piece sometimes only require 3 days, and 500 words 7...

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    I guess I am a bit different-
    I prefer one longer post that digs deeper into the subject if I am on a site to actually try to learn something.

    If I am surfing around to pass the time- then sure, a smaller article would be nice.
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    Personally i would go with the 2k every week. Why ? Because it creates suspense, they wait for the next post of information. It also helps seo wise. They are longer for more and better written content. The most important part of a blog is that it is fun and interesting to read . People can get info from many different sources , but they will always go to only one place for the info. The source that bonds with them most and is not boring to read. Which it is good to incorporate in photos and videos to, which also better keeps the intention.
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    I prefer around 1K every week over a bunch of short fluff articles.
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    I honestly can't write anything below the 1000 word mark when writing a blog post. You really have to question whether or not you can cover a topic with 500 words. Sure, it may only take 500 words to explain a certain topic, but the majority of times I doubt that very much.

    I know the content I provide on my blog cannot be covered well in 500 words - that's for sure.
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      I chose option #2 for several reasons.

      As a reader, which your question asks , I would prefer option 2 for many reasons actually.

      First, I find many 500 word articles to be rather boring. I like to read interesting content with a smooth flow, some personality and holding/entertaining power as opposed to a bumpy fact only skeletal article.

      If I came to a blog as a reader and it had 3 of those choppy boring fact only filled content per week, I'd pass it by. I wouldn't care if you posted one of those every single day, I wouldn't continue to come back. I'm busy and it wouldn't be worth my time.

      However if you posted once a week a longer piece that had all of the above mentioned attributes I like, I would return, busy or not. I'd make time for it.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mr. Ken Russell
    Poll results are even right now but I'm going to have to go with 500 words every 3 days. Not only because Google loves articles that are short and get to the point - so do readers.
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    I would do as Suzanne suggested 1K/week. Rates better than 500 with big bro (I am reliably informed), and removes the bore factor you may get with 2k.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kevin Maguire
    Quite a lot of reading in 2000 words. It would really need to be a compelling piece of writing to keep a readers attention. I suppose it depends on the subject. A law article would use 2000 words in the opening paragraph. I'm going with 500.
    Nice post and good luck with your website.
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    I would say that longer post would be better although it shouldn't be just fluff, it will need to contain real value that just cannot be gotten in 500 word post
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    Shorter more powerful content is more effective just because it gets straight to the point.
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    The first option would be my choice.
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    I write 500+ word articles everyday. This is certainly easy. I would go with option number 1.
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    I would go with option 1. 200o is quite long unless the article really needs to be that long. I.E following steps on how to do something obviously keeps the reader involved as they are taking action and following the steps. Other than that 400-700 is great especially with images and video.

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      Hi, I would go for 500 words but make it a quality read. Blogging is a great way to gain interest and it helps so much.

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    Keep it simple and have respect for the readers time. 500 words would do it, even if you had it marked as part1, with parts 2,3 and 4 following at 3 day intervals. Gives the reader something to look forward to
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    I would want to read a post with 500 words instead of 2000. It is better to stay active and write short, then to write long and only post a blog once a week.
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  • Profile picture of the author The Content King
    I think the length should be based on the content. If you pledge yourself to write 500 words a day and there's only 200 words of actual content, that's 300 words of fluff.

    I say write interesting content, period. Forget about length. The content should dictate the length, as should the attention span of your readers.

    Ask your list/readers what they prefer. Their answers will be the most valuable to you. Good luck.
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