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Hi Guys,

I want to create an ebook product for a Health niche.

The book will be diet related in order to cure the health problem the prospect is having.

The content of the diet protocol (recommendations, foods to avoid, food to eat, etc) I will be writing about is very similar to other diet protocols out there.

Of course there will be some slight changes and modifications compared to other diet protocols other people have created for this niche but there will definitely be parts of the my diet protocol which overlaps with other protocols.

The diet I will be writing about is the one I used to cure this specific health condition in my own life.

Do you have any tips so I'm not accused of just copying someone else's work?

I guess that there are tonnes of bodybuilding books out there all recommending the same bodybuilding exercises. But they all have a slightly different unique selling point in a way.

Hope to hear your thoughts soon,


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    Just ensure that not all parts of your diet are the same as the others. For the parts that are similar, vary the wording and you will be fine.
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    Make sure you haven't lifted words from other books word for word; or don't forget to put citation to your references and run your book through copyscape just to be safe. I also hope that you have added really good stuff there and make your ebook distinctive enough to stand out. Good luck with your book, I hope it turns out great...
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    plagarism is not accepted, so you have to avoid it, other than that All is Well.
    Thats what others are doing, rewriting or changing the wordings. Good luck with it.
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    Creating an ebook product for a Health niche, particularly diet related, is not that peculiar nowadays.
    What makes it extra special, though, is how the content is presented and delivered.
    As it was reported, America has the highest obesity rate.
    The rate of obesity is also increasing in other countries.
    It is but proper for health-conscious individuals to push people to be active and stay on a diet.

    So, the content won't matter whether it has some similarities to other diet protocols out there.
    The most important point is to be creative in the creation of your ebook.
    It has to be written in a way that the readers will be encouraged not only to read your ebook, but also to adopt it persistently.
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    Originally Posted by ozbuckley View Post

    The diet I will be writing about is the one I used to cure this specific health condition in my own life.

    Do you have any tips so I'm not accused of just copying someone else's work?
    Not to worry about it too much

    Just think about how many people create diet plans with meals such as:

    1) Chicken, rice, broccoli
    2) Scoop of whey and a banana
    3) Salmon and rice ... etc

    It's all been done! So many people have used similar meals as well with routines when it comes to the fitness world.

    Just put your own spin on it and you'll be good!
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    Like Terry said, you shouldn't have any issues. Since you're targeting a specific condition, that will also separate your product from the many other programs out there.

    Make sure to have proper disclaimers in place. If you can't afford a lawyer, you may want to look at what the disclaimers look like on other sites selling health related ebooks. Of course, you can't use these exactly 'as is', but it may give you an idea of things you need to have in place.
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    Simple! Read what you want to write about from multiple sources a couple of times, then write about it without looking (off the top of your head). It's going to be the same ideas, but with your words.
    "The work I received was magnificent – The writing was exquisite – It's more than what I expected – I must say that he did a damn good job – I was blown away with the quality – Written in perfect english – I've purchased a few services here on Warrior Forum, and this by far the best!"
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    You should include the story of how the diet helped you. By telling your personal story and adding your own twists to the diet you can make the book different from the rest.

    Back up your story with stats and facts but always make it interesting to read. Another book may have the same information but provide it in a dry, boring way.

    Add shopping lists or quick-start checklists that competing books don't offer.

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      Including your own experience with the diet that you are recommending to your readers should remove any worry of "copying" others' work.

      Just make sure, as others said, that you are not using someone else's work, word for word (this is obvious). And if you do, give credit.

      As long as you are basing it on your story and not copying, you should be fine.

      If you have any fitness or nutrition related issues, head over to
      JJStrength for tips on getting fit and staying healthy.
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        Hi ozbuckley,

        As Rose and Jake pointed out, put your personal spin on it. Every section can have a personal take on the diet and how you managed it. For example, when listing the foods you are allowed to eat on the diet, explain how you chose your foods and how you managed to give up on some of the foods you love. The more personalized you make it the more readers will relate to the book and the more it will be your own.

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    When you do an e-book (I've did some) you have to include, front page, legal info so ppl won't copy your work, index, body (the index explained) and a good bye page where you include a contact US mail.
    All the best.

    Finally back.

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    Ok, THANKYOU for the responses!!

    The main message I got was:

    "If you write it in your own words there will be no trouble".


    Thanks for your help again.

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    I would add that before writing this book you should make a marketing research and see if this topic is in demand, and also care about the competition you'll have to face.

    Perhaps you'll find out that you must change your intention with this book. For example, you may discover that people don’t like books with complicated recipes; they are looking for simple recipes. So, you’ll create an ebook more according to what your buyers want to find.

    Instead of writing a boring ebook entitled “How to lose weight in a few days” you may decide to write a book entitled “A thousand simple recipes for a healthy and tasty diet”.
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      What you can do is write similar concepts/techniques but structured in a different way and which make more sense according to your experience on the subject.

      Also be sure that what you write is true or at least makes sense, either explain a coherent reason or add a report of your personnal experience or add a scientific report.

      You can always improve a system but be sure that what your write is true, else it will damage your reputation.

      Another important parameter is to position yourself the right way, be honest about who you are, what you have to sell, why you do it. You don't need to have degrees or credentials to write about a subject but you need to be honest.
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