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Site needs criticism. any suggestions to improve professionalism, readability, etc.

currently considering changing the whole theme, but kinda think its my "inner perfectionist" that wont let me leave it alone.

try to be completely honest, if you think it well help conversions, don't spare my feelings:

URL @ Fragrance For the Evolved Man. | Men’s Fragrance Stop
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      i dont think i fully understand the question as it is worded, so i think u are referring to

      A. how am i making money. Via a CPA sales on fragrances

      B. What has been converting. though very limited traffic thus far, ive gotten a few sales through the "top mens cologne" article.
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        Yes, I was asking what you were referring to by "converting" on the site. It actually isn't clear to me. Converting usually means making a sale, capturing a lead, or clicking an ad - something you do have (however the ad is a little too general - it should lead directly to a page with men`s cologne on it.)

        The template seems decent enough, but I liken it to a personal journal/blog layout. It does not compel me to do anything really, and I find it remarkable you have sales from this already, so maybe I am missing something.

        The article titled "choosing the right cologne" seems to be the only post of value, and I think you should fly with that a little more and make it the focus of the site, perhaps with a video.

        This site looks nice, but it lacks impact and usefulness IMHO. See my other post : http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...r-control.html

        There is a good book mentioned there.
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    Ok... I visited your site.
    I have several suggestions in mind.
    the color theme used is ok but needs improvement.
    color themes are important to make your site attractive.
    Also, you need to work on your website template/layout, you could do better.
    Lastly, do something about your fonts, try something that's easier on the eye.
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    This site is OK if the visitor knows what to expect.

    Having RSS feeds as your major content seems a little short sited since there is no reason for anybody to try to read more of any article - they're all adverts, right, and who actually clicks thriough to read an advert?

    The idea of a 'fragrant' man might be a bit before its time - a little wimpish don't you think? What about 'The Aromatic Male' or 'Pheremones 'r' Us' - or are you anticipating that this site will appeal to the ladies?

    Once you have got past the header there is nothing to look at on the page except adverts - why not write some interesting articles on the evolution of the male aroma?

    Like Marty, I find it very impressive if you have had sales from this site.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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      well, for the most part, the traffic will probably consist of men as well as women, as it is really who cologne was designed for. probably going to try some A/B split testing when i have the traffic.

      I wasn't really trying to make a supersite or anything, which is why i tried to take the micro niche of mens cologne from the niche of perfume and cologne.

      similar sites: AskMen.com - 2009 Men's Cologne

      YouTube - cologne review

      just based on the popularity of these pages tells me someone is interested.

      pheromones is a possibility i guess, its related...
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        You need to decide who your market is first.

        Are you selling to men. (personally, I don't think a lot of men buy their own cologne, but I could be wrong)

        Are you selling to women who are buying for men?

        If you are selling to men your site isn't appealing. Sex sells, especially to someone superficial enough to buy their own cologne.

        Appeal to their animal magnetism.

        I'd have a completely different design if you are appealing to women buying for men.
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