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I posted a request for help finding a mentor a week or so ago and was directed to this very helpful post.


I've decided to answer the questions in that post and perhaps find somebody who might be a good match as a mentor.

I'm Justin Tanas, 30 years old, from Toronto, Canada.

I have no experience with internet marketing but I am computer literate and have spent a lot of time on the internet.

I have no experience with any programming language or creating websites.

Previous accomplishments include a B.A. in Psychology, some public speaking, lots of travel. I think I am a decent writer (having written many school papers and getting good grades).

My hobbies inclue reading, martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), strategy games, music.

I'm willing to invest $$ in myself but I'm having a hard time figuring out how much simply because I don't have an idea of how much is necessary. I am certainly willing to invest $100 a month or more though.

My precise goal is to eventually create a product and sell it online. I think it might be prudent to start learning IM with a canned idea through something like affiliate marketing. I would like to be earning $25/day within 90 days, $50/day within 3 months, $100/day within 6 months, $250/day within 1 year and six-figures within 2 years.

I want to do this to create freedom to travel, pursue music and enjoy my time.

My level of motivation is a definite 10 and I have the very fortunate position of being able to dedicate a full-time, 10am-5pm day everyday to this endeavour. I have a network marketing business underneath my father who has done extremely well with network marketing. I don't want to pursue network marketing, but I am very motivated to do IM. My business doesn't earn a lot of money but it does provide me with just enough money to survive without needing another job.

With all that being said, I am looking for a mentor to help guide me step-by-step through this journey (at least the first several months).

Any ideas?

Also, any opinions on Chris Farrell's membership site?
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    Get in touch with as I would like to talk to you about your goals.

    Thank you,

    Jason Rogers

    Take a look at my blog Webmaster Nerd

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      Hi Justin

      It's good to read that you are highly motivated and
      eager to invest in yourself - I like that.

      I'm based in the UK and before I take clients I have
      to get a very clear understanding of need and focus.

      I do this by using my business breakthrough session
      and this identifies exactly your needs and I then can
      determine if we can work together. I do about 2 -3
      of these sessions per week and there is no charge.
      After the session, if it works out for us both, we can
      devise a plan of action... the emphasis being action!

      If this is interesting to you, send me a pm and we can
      take it from there. Even if you elect to go with someone
      else I wish you great success.



      Geoff Carter
      Business Success Consultant
      Go to: http://www.BusinessSuccessConsultant.com
      Success Not Stress

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    Hi Justin. There are many low cost training videos available that cover most aspects of IM, so you don't necessarily need to hire a mentor. You can Google your preference and go from there. $25 daily is easily achievable from proven programs costing ZERO to start. Feel free to IM me. Barry
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