Would you recommend starting with blogspot or wordpress.org?

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I have decided what I want to do with my blog (thanks to your suggestions), so now I am planning out how to run a blog. I've run blogs before, so I know the basics and stuff like that, but because I don't have a lot of money, would you recommend starting with a blogspot and just getting the domain for $10, or waiting and saving up the money to get a wordpress.org? [I believe blogspot is better than wordpress.com so I don't see that as an option]

My third choice which I've just started considering, is using a squidoo to get started with my blog because its free, and then as I get some income use that to get more things.
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    Neither. Get some Web Hosting and run your own WP blog under your own domain.
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    That was my question wordpress.org under my domain or blogspot.
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    Definitely Wordpress.

    Unless you are thinking about putting up a ton of blogspot sites reviewing products there isn't much of a point to it.
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    I agree with the Wordpress blog hosted on your own domain.

    You never know when your blogspot blog can be taken down for no reason.

    There have been sales at Godaddy for some very cheap domains in the past few weeks, so all you would have to do is get hosting and that is very inexpensive per month.
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    Also, Wordpress and hosting from Hostgator comes out to less than a gallon or two of gas per month!

    Definitely worth the "investment"
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    Sooner or later, you will only get to find out that you are better off using your own personal that gives you all the control and privilege. It's doesn't cost much to get a domain and hosting, there are lots of WP themes you can use both free and paid.

    Nobody but just me.....

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    I wouldn't build a business on a Google property as they can pull the rug from under you whenever they want, not to mention you can only monetize it with Adsense or Google Affiliate ads. So if you want to promote Amazon or a Clickbank product you'd need your own domain.

    Shared hosting is dirt cheap or there are free hosting solutions if you look around, and the Wordpress platform is also free. You just need a good domain name.
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    If you had no money, I would do blogspot. If you do have money, always self hosted.

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      Originally Posted by Harry Nguyen View Post

      If you had no money, I would do blogspot.
      That's exactly what so many of the people originally thought, who took that course of action and ended up recounting their tales of woe in all the threads linked to in post #6 above (and many more), as a warning to other Warriors, to enable them to avoid this mistake. Even with no money, you can have a self-hosted Wordpress blog, and avoid all the accidents.
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    if you are getting your own domain and hosting then go with wordpress. there is more of a learning curve, though.
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    I would buy the domain and get hosting as well. I use Kualo and they are so helpful if you have any issues or problems!

    Tom Langdon
    Helping you succeed online!


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    no more blogspot for personal branding. just use blogspot for your dummy blog or for backlinking strategy. or testing niche with adsense, or whatever. but never for long term website.

    domain only $9/year, and you can get host as low as $4/month if not cheaper. I bet you spent more for daily pleasure
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    If you're looking to blog long term, then invest in it. The best thing to do here is to use wordpress, get a domain and hosting. Whatever you're paying for it now will pay off in the future that is if you're willing to put in the work needed. Wordpress is definitely the best blogging platform out there so use it to your advantage.
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