What money making avenue to go to when you have thousands to invest???

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Hi i'm Will and haven't made a penny online lmfao. I've combed this board for weeks looking at WSO, reading ppc (the easiest supposedly) faqs, cpa faqs and just about any and everything. Thing is I work a 9 to 5 but do pretty nice with near a 6figure salary. I've been working 8hours a day, coming home working another 4 hours on a blog for 2 weeks trying to get it adsense approved with "sufficient content" and monetizing but it's been 3 weeks and i've got nada. My time is extremely valuable to me, and how i've seen it, i've so far blown 60hours minimum out my ass.

I've been eyeballing flippa but the sites I think would be a good return on my investment, would call for me to wait till i get my tax return to buy. Assuming I was willing to put 500 to $4000 into a startup money making project with the ability to earn a bare minimum of 2000 a month where would i put the money?

So far what has peacked my interest the most is buying a facebook script/app and monetizing that but i don't know where to begin.

This has nothing to do with being lazy. I have no problem working 8 hours, commuting home. and then staying up till midnight doing grunt work to get the site going. but i LOATHE dumping time into something with no return. help. please.
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    please help
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    If your looking for something moderately easy. Find a site on flippa/forum that is making a consistent income and buy it. I'm surprised this thread isn't flaming right now.
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    Product creation is your best bet if you want to hit $2000 monthly income quickly. Interview some experts in a niche and sell it!
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    The advice I always give to people is.... don't search for something that will make you money, take something you love to do and find a way to make money out of it.

    I know it sounds like bs to some but it's true. You can make millions off off shit, literally... manure, waste management, etc. Take something you love to do and thinks of ways to make off it, I promise there's a way.

    What are your interests? Let see if we can find a way to monetize them!
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    I have to agree with Isaiah. Purchase an asset with an already existing income... or one you can monetize.

    Look at it like real estate. You have investment properties, fixer uppers, etc. Other business models may work well, but you'd likely have to invest in education first before making them work. If you have the money, buying an already monetized site that's primed for growth is one of the fastest ways to long-term income.

    Best of luck!
    - Jay
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      Originally Posted by HellaFamous View Post

      I've been eyeballing flippa but the sites I think would be a good return on my investment, would call for me to wait till i get my tax return to buy. Assuming I was willing to put 500 to $4000 into a startup money making project with the ability to earn a bare minimum of 2000 a month where would i put the money?
      If it was as easy as investing $4000 and getting a return of $2000 per month indefinitely don't you think everyone would be doing it?
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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    You can buy a profiting website for sure. No doubt. Obviously the more you spend the greater investment your buying into. Flippa is a great wow to browse for a site your interested in and is a good investment. If you need any help PM me.

    Take a look at my blog Webmaster Nerd

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    get a coach in internet marketing. invest some time and create your authority site. you will make money.
    example: i joined Latest - Blog Success and learned how to create authority websites and they bring in money. you can outsource the work.....then you will have assets for hundreds of dollars.
    pm me for more help if you need it
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      Same advice I give to many people... "Launch Jacking". You don't need to spend anywhere near 2K to get up and running. You can start out simply and scale up as big as you'd like... all while making immediate sales and building a list for easy sales in the future.

      You would need to learn the finer points, but once that's done, it is very close to a perfect business model to both make instant money as well as building your list... which is arguably the most important thing you can do in IM.
      1 on 1 Coaching by Magic Mike for Just $77 !!!
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    Hey HellaFamous!

    If you earn 6-figure salary (guess it's annual), you earn at least 8K-9K per month. You are looking at the online market to generate similar income.

    With an investment of $500-4000, you can set up a good venture. Of course, you need to come up with a cool idea first. Look around you. What do local businesses want? Can you provide some app or software that is desired by a group of people?

    If you look at established websites on Flippa, you cannot buy a $2K per month site with your budget. You have to create your own venture.

    An easy option that I often recommend and it's not going to saturate any soon: Offer web hosting, design, SEO, or any sort of consultancy service to local businesses.

    If you scale up your blog or start new blogs on hot topics, you can get lucky with a small investment spent wisely. Hire a few writers and get someone for promoting your site on social media. In a few months, you should be able to see money coming in. Of course, it will take a while to reach your desired income level.

    Look around and visit blogs of IM experts. You will find some good ideas. Best of luck!!!!
    >> Web Design, Wordpress & SEO - XtraPunch.com <<
    Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    You don't need someone to work with you and if you did that would be in the JV forum. Focus on building your own website, and if you expected to make your money back in 3 weeks, or time, then this isn't the niche for you.
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    Sounds like you want to be building email lists. They are one of the only systems (ive used) where you can get an obvious results in your efforts in the form of subscribers.When you are further down the line you will be able to get an average of the money you make from a sub on a monthly basis. $1 per sub is a often quoted average for the mmo niche. Realistically thou I think your looking more around the $0.75 pm for a sub. Depends how you end up marketing to them.

    For example at your stage you could do this flow;

    pick niche > build opt in page (one time offers, lead bait freebie etc.) > buy solo ads / get traffic (split testing ab is real useful, lots of software to do this) > track and optimize > saved emails sent out over nxt month to new subs

    some tips on email marketing...
    payperlead stuff on download pages and in emails can be a good way to monetize.
    if you are doing solo ads, always have a OTO sequence so you can return some of the money
    you invested in the solo, often you can break even or profit if structured correctly.
    install skype a lot of stuff goes down on skype and find groups to get involved with, selling solos, list building mastermind groups etc.
    email often, not too much not too little, each niche is unique to what they will tolerate but a good number is 3-5 emails a week. These days your competition are filling up mailboxes faster than you look round, you need to send out often to even get noticed + with good content daily your building serious value and relationships with your subs
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