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Hi Warriors,

I realize this is maybe not the best forum to be asking this question, but I decided to give it a try anyways and ask for your opinion (or help leading me to the right forum)
I've been a warrior member for some time now and am considering upgrading my account to a Full Warrior Room Member. I want to know if its worth it, what advantages in terms of awareness and promotion it offers..
I would be happy to get any feedback!

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    Well, I've got my money's worth a couple of times back.
    So yeah, definitely worth it. The amount of information and the community you get to be a part of, can not be measured.

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    Do it, it will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

    Before you can become unstoppable, you have to get started!

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    Define 'worth it'.

    I can give you a step-by-step business plan that's guaranteed to make you $100k a month if you TAKE ACTION.

    If you don't take action, then it's probably worth nothing to you. You create the value yourself by taking action, the instructions and guidance are there.

    In other words: Yes. But only if you make shit happen.
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