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Hello Warriors, This is my first post here so I hope im posting this in the right place... If not please let me know :-)

I have a quick question for you guys and am hoping you can help me choose what content to create for our new membership site we are working on...

What I am doing is this:

I am going to start a new membership site up where I will be providing exclusive PLR videos created just for our members (with source files included) every single month at a very reasonable price... Now what I don't want to do is just force feed content down my members throats or anyones throats for that matter, I want to actually give our members content they want and can use/sell...

So what I am getting at here is.. I would like to know what is it that you would like to see in a membership site like this (video tutorial wise)...

PM ME with details of what video tutorials you would like to see if you were a member in our soon to launch plr video club!

You may be asking yourself what's in this for you, well if we pick your video tutorial idea and create your video to include in our membership site you will receive a free 2 months of membership when we open our website!

Example of video tutorials: they could be anything really, like for newbies for a prime example the video may include topics such as... "How To Make A paypal payment button and embed it into your website", "How To Create Your First Mini Site", or even something simple like "How To Install Wordpress" those aren't limitatations by any means but those examples are to just give you an idea of the type of site we are creating :-)

God bless and hope to hear from some of you guys soon so I can start picking out what content to create for this new site!
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