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Anyone come across video customer testimonials? Every computer seems to come with a built in web cam now, every phone can take good video. Video is powerful. Anyone putting this to use to provide video social proof for businesses? Any platforms out there to make it easy for customers to do this? How about companies encouraging customers to send in their videos using XYZ product?

As Amazon has been qualifying their reviews by customers who actually bought the product, I'd think video testimonials would be the next step.

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    I don't think so, with $5, you can buy a lot of video testimonial. Most of them look fake if you have some common senses.
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    Sure, but not everyone's comfortable on camera, plus, people are even reluctant to leave text reviews. let alone video ones.

    I've only ever received one video review from a client to be honest, and that's out of 300+ people
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    Guaging the general direction video is going, I do believe they'll be quite effective if done right. The ones I've come across have always seemed obviously fake with the 'customer' glancing at the script every two seconds which instantly turns me away from the sales page.

    I do believe you shouldn't offend your customers by thinking of them as TOTAL morons. At least not the loyal ones anyway.
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    I've gotten a few video testimonials but not many. I simply encourage my customers to record something and send it to us. I take care of editing and uploading the video.

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    A lot of internet marketing companies that I have subscribed to have mostly video testimonials from their customers. Video is in deed powerful but high quality video sells the deal. Some companies email video testimonial request to their lists(along with a guide to what they should do), and usually most customers have no trouble with it.
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    I have started an online service called that allows you to Edit, Re-brand and Customize video templates to suit your needs. see example here
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