Trying To Confirm a Fact About Google AdSense... Help?

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Here's what I'm trying to confirm.

I've never seen Google AdSense ever say how much they keep per click when you're running AdSense on your site.

Have you?

Isn't that information secret?
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    They keep roughly 40% of the CPC. They use a variety of factors (not all of them public) to determine the exact pay out, but you can generally count on getting 60% of whatever it says in the GKWT. I've seen it fluctuate as low as 30% and to just over 60%, but it's a safe rule when you're estimating whether or not a keyword is good to go after.

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    Open your Adsense account and click on Account Setting which is at the left of your screen. Now, under account information see the active products.
    There you should be seeing that Google gives you 68% of your earnings and it keeps 32 % of your earnings.
    Hope it will help you.
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    There is certainly a variable used to determine what you get paid for clicks compared to another person targeting the same keywords. I completely believe it has to do with were your traffic comes from and were it goes once they leave your page.
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      Google answered the question a while back. Quote is below from a reputable website.

      About a year ago, Google showed the revenue share percentage on each adsense account but I don't see that listed now.

      Content publisher revenue share is 68% Worldwide and Google notes that the figure hasn't changed since it began in 2003. ...

      Adsense for Search partners don't see quite as much money. Google reports that they get just over half of the total revenue at 51% and have since 2005, when Google increased it.
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