Comcast says Blogging is messing up servers?

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I use blogs as one tool for SEO for local Frederick Maryland small businesses.

I've been hearing that Google is having gmail overload problems, and the Google support groups are filled with BX error messages from blogger and blogger gadgets/widgets.

I have two blogger profiles and currently one of them is down with an error msg.

But now a client want's me to not use his comast broadband supplied company computers because comcast is telling him Blogger is messing up the bandwidth?

Does this make sense to you guys/gals?

I'm having a tough time swallowing this... what could possibly do to comcast's servers?

Or is this a Google (big brother) thing?

I also have a client who is a security freak, he refuses to allow Google's active X on his machine, he temporarily enabled it so I could work on SEO for his site and Google invaded his computer.

Google had changed dll's that had nothing to do with the internet connection (reminds me of aol in the late 90's) and when he changed the dll's back Google did it again.

He equates Google with a virus

(and this guy is super sharp, I live near DC and many of my clients are ex NSA, cryptologie types, they do know what they're talking about)
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