What NOT to do if You're DESPERATE For Money!

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Sometimes things just happen drastically far beyond our control. It's unfortunate but that's life for you. And when things get really difficult it is important to keep a sane mindset. The last thing that you can afford to do is to go mad and just lose it by hitting that panic button.

Everyday people ask the same questions just in different ways as problems arise. And funny enough for the most part they get the same answers just in different ways. How do I get this how do I do that. There is nothing wrong with kind of redundancy as people need real answers to their problems. As long they get a great answer that solves the issue everything is al good; however this s not the case with desperation.

I believe that when people get desperate they always tend to ask desperate questions. Well duh you might say but it is amazing hoe this happens every single day over and over again. They say a sucker is born everyday and I believe that these patterns have something to do with that saying. And of course there are the ones to see an opportunity to profit and they attack immediately.

Now then, I don't want to stir to far off of topic. There are many good methods for getting results online but of all the things not to do when desperate this may be one of the worst things to turn to. Can you guess what I am going to say? Well it is none other than............traffic exchanges. Social media can be a time sucker but it can be used in a much more effective way down the line. I think about traffic exchanges like this: Desperate people trying to make money off of other desperate people by scratching backs for credits because they are tight on funds.

It is just ridiculous. And yes you may get solo ads from these places but you will have to see how much of quality these leads are and a lot of them will be greenish hunters. And why is that because they too are desperate in most cases. So you would probably do ok if you offered very low ticket items. My point is your time would be better spent on a forum and social media while building up for empire and then getting into buying traffic if you cannot wait on seo. And for goodness sakes if you are desperate please do not try to use addmefast to get more likes on facebook. They are junk and very much untargeted.

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