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I run a mortgage website and 99% of our leads are UK leads (where we are based). I've just had my second enquiry so far from somebody in the USA who wants some help with a re-mortgage.

Does anybody know of anywhere I can quite easily pass on these leads to? I don't want to spend days getting verified etc.

All I will do is email them back saying that we cannot help as we are UK based buy I do know of a broker that may be able to help you.

Also, for ethical reasons, I don't just want to send this person to a lead-bay type website where they could just get passed on to any old shoddy broker. Would need to know, for myself, that they are being dealt with well. I have very little idea of how US personal finance and financial services work.

Also, whilst I'm on the topic, we sometimes get (UK) enquiries about mortgages from people with with bad credit, previous IVA's, defaults, etc. and we often cannot help them.

If anybody has any ideas about a partnership for someone to use them do let me know. It would have to be in the customers interest as I wouldn't be interested in giving out their personal details to get cold called by evil debt management, payday loan companies, PPI etc. I would tell them about it first and give them the option to be passed through if it is of interest to them.



(I have moved on from websites like the one in my sig. I just keep it there for good luck and sentimental value hehe).
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    Also, I might add that if anybody has any other ideas about how a partnership could be arranged I'm happy to hear about it. We get all types of leads, the internet is so random!

    We want to mainly focus on mortgages and then perhaps home insurance, landlords insurance, life insurance.
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    I just saw a wso about this topic not long ago.It is about sold the offline leads that we have and make a great deal with the broker.

    I didn't remember the title,but as far as I read it and remember,you can contact some lead broker in Mortgage(your niche) and make a contract on how you can supply them a lead.The WSO it self give along the example letter and contract.Based on your situation,I think you can get advantage on this and make money.
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      Thanks man

      Could you point me towards to WSO at all? Can't find it right now.
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