HELP - how would you monetise this site?

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Hi folks.

A dear friend of mine has this site - Bloodyloud - on which he has made 5400 posts of curated art, photos and video.

His traffic is 57,000 unique visitors per month, 124,000 visits, 732,000 pageviews.

And there is NO monetistation.

He was turned down for Google Adsense - anybody see why? They said 'unsuitable content'. This would be my preferred method to monetise but unless he can work out why they have not approved the site he doesn't know what to change.

I have suggested that he add the affiliate program from

You guys must have better ideas.

Please help!

Many thanks for your time.

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    It doesn't matter if he's been turned down by adsense, it's pennies anyway..

    What your friend needs to do is to research the niche, see if it has people willing to buy, then see what makes them buy and then monetize the blog/site with an affiliate offer OR his own offer..

    He could also create a PAID members area for all kinds of special arts and special secret duscussions + weekly tips or something.

    you know what I'm saying?
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    I checked out the site. Lots of pictures for sure. I see why Google said no to this site. The first thing that popped into my head looking at the site. There is no optin! Build a list with this site. VIP list or whatever to entice people to subscribe.

    Placing banner ads would take away the credibility of the site I believe. It looks good NOT stuffed with ads.

    As I scroll through the music video section I wonder if you could sell the Mp3 off of iTunes? I am not a player in that sport. But it is a thought.

    I see there is an ad on the right sidebar for Mackeeper ID= zzb
    I like the placement and it is on each post not the homepage.

    Hope that helps.

    Take a look at my blog Webmaster Nerd

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    The reason Adsense turned him down is prob cause of the bloody zombie illustrations/nakey graphics.

    Look at some vendors on commission junction and see what compliments this site.

    Since the site has a lot of different things going on (niches), perhaps Amazon might work (link under photos in posts).

    Use text links to monetize, so as to not take away from the photos.

    People come there to look at pics and escape - not in a buying mood whatsoever. Building a list could work - if it was a newsletter type.

    Could try Chitika and see how it performs. (an as block under the pics in post)

    Test it and see what works.

    ** I would make this a "user generated" site. This way you have "members" which can be built up - giving the site value. (also builds a list at the same time)

    ...and flip it!

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    Anyone reading this thread should take note here because there's a massive lesson to be learnt!

    This person has obviously put CONTENT before CASH here (5,400 entries, over 20,000 pages indexed in Google) and LOOK at that traffic.

    If you want to build a real asset, start publishing good quality content daily.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Guys - thanks for all that feedback - keep em coming.

      I know someone here has a killer idea that will turn this traffic into cash.


      Ian Clifford
      ...the ultimate resource to help you succeed in the music business...

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    The site looks very good. You can use adbrite ads on it. Create a block in each row just like your posts have. Post a similar size of Image ads of adbrite there. Also, you can use bidvertiser too. This site is a kind of site which can not be used to promote any product. PPC is the only option here.
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    He would need to look into the niche a bit further and if he wants to use ads then he should get accepted to a CPA network (or multiple) and possibly look into creating relationships with business owners who can offer a relevant product, and jv with them on the sale or lead...
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