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I am new to Warrior Forum, but have heard a lot of great things about it. This is my first post so I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions. We are wanting to monetize a website we purchased approximately 3 months ago, we are currently making some changes and updates but want to start the monetization process within the next 30 days. I have provided the demographic information below so you have a better idea about the site. I might add I am not new to Internet marketing and I know have owned various websites since 2000, and I know there are many ways to monetize a site, but I am sure you have ideas I have not thought of! currently gets over 1 million visitors a month from all over the world, approximately 3/4 of the visitors are new each month. The largest group of visitors comes from the US, with India sending the second most. According Google Analytics we have received 1,041,159 visitors in the last 30 days and 952,718 were Unique Visitors. The demographics also show us that 227,957 visitors were from the US, 172,484 were from India, 30,415 were from the UK, 21,936 from Canada, and hundreds of thousands from many other countries around the world. The Demographics are 70% male and 30% female, 35% are between 18 -24, 44% are between 25 - 34, 9% from 35 -44, and smaller percentages for other age groups, 54% are college graduates, 17% high school graduates and the others are somewhere in between, 37% are employed, 24% unemployed, 26% students. In regards to income 53% make less than $30,000 a year, 21% make $30,000 - $60,000 a year and 19% make between $60,000 and $112,500.
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    What is the Niche?
    Do You Know Where They Are exiting to?
    How Long are They Staying on The Site?


    HELP NEEDED! My Mother And Her Brother have been taking care of the mother with the help of Hospice. He just had a Massive Heart Attack while taking a short vacation. My mother had to go to Florida from Indiana to be with her brother and is not financially stable from being off work to be with grandma. Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

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      Originally Posted by JeffMitchell View Post

      What is the Niche?
      Do You Know Where They Are exiting to?
      How Long are They Staying on The Site?

      Without this info its pretty hard to suggest anything to you.
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    I would add targeted offers for each category...if not adsense! Offers can be CPA or CJ or CB, depending on the category.

    You also must have a huge subscriber's base! have regular newsletters, but don't spam!

    Or you could put adsense ads!
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    You just bought Flixya? I really don't want to state the obvious here on how to monetize that site. I don't have an expertly unique way to monetize besides the obvious.

    Not much help I know.

    Take a look at my blog Webmaster Nerd

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    Premium membership?
    Forum + Membership?
    Affiliate store?

    It all depends how you are going to brand your site and what direction you want to take it.
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    I would at least start with Google Adsense. What kind of site is it? What kind of products are you looking to sell with it?
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