"Why the Advanced Search function on this forum could just be your best friend"

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Many of you understandably want up to date and relevant answers to your questions.

In order to help you to find the perfect solution to your question, it might help you first to search for the answer you're looking for using the Advanced Search function.

See the red navigation bar towards the top of the page?

See where it says Log Out on the left hand side?

To the left of this, the next one along it says: Quick Links.

To the left of this, the next one along it says: Search. Click it.

See where it says: Advanced Search. Click it.

Now you have a choice...

At the top of the page on the left you can carry out a search by keyword choice.

You have the option there to either select: Search Entire Posts or Search Titles Only.

So try it out now. Pop something in there and check out the results of your personal search...

Scroll down and next click on: Search Now (red button on the left).


On the right hand side you can search for threads or posts by a specific member.

Again you have 2 options to choose from...

You can either search for: Find Posts by User or Find Threads Started by User.

See the Search in Forum(s) box? Here you can select which forum you want to search in.

Using the Search Function will very likely help you to find the answer and/or the solution you're looking for.

For example, there are countless threads appearing every day about traffic generation. Now it's very highly probable your question has been not only asked before but has also been answered many times before too.

So rather than posting up yet another traffic related question... why not use the Advanced Search function first to try and find the answer/s you're looking for?

You might save yourself a lot of time if you do so.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews
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