How Much to Charge as a PLR writer

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I have a possible offer to write limited plr packs. They sell for 17 dollars for 10, and are limited to 10 copies.

What do you think is a reasonable commission for me to take, since they are my articles but the plr store owner has done all the site promotion?
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    I would never sell them on commission. Get paid up front.
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    Thanks! How much do you think is reasonable?
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    All $17. Do the promotion yourself. Sell them on your own site and get paid more because of it. I doubt if the PLR store owner is "THAT MUCH" more better than you in terms of marketing.
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    I seriously doubt that they will pay you commission - most people pay their writers per word and this is what you should charge too, whether you are writing plr articles or any other articles is irrelevant.
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    • I agree with others. Flat rate, per word or page. I would not take payment on a commission basis. She is promoting the site yes, but you are the one with the content, that is finished work.
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    Wouldn't the amount of money you make depend on your business relationship with the store owner?

    Relationship - Business Partners?
    If you're business partners running the store together, where you provide the content and he provides the marketing and operating the online store... I suppose you'd discuss an appropriate profit share.

    Relationship - Ghostwriter?
    If he owns and runs the store and you are providing content to him as a job... then it would be as if he had hired a ghostwriter to provide him with content.

    In other words, he pays you for the content and he now has copyright to the content and decides to sell it as PLR content.

    In such a case, I suppose your fee would be related to what ghostwriters typically earn for a similar job.

    Relationship - Business Arrangement?
    If you are the one who holds copyright and decide to sell it as PLR content, but made an arrangement or business, where you will sell the PLR content through his store, then I suppose the question would be not how much you should earn, but how much he should earn.

    In other words, all of the proceeds from the sale of the PLR content would be yours, but he earns a fee for allowing you to sell your PLR content on his store. If this is the case, then the 2 of you would discuss an appropriate fee.
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    The value depends on how pricey the niche is. Not all niches are worth the same. Not all niches have the same demand level.
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    I would also advise you to sell them yourself in your website. Remember to include a backlink to your website here in Warrior Forum.
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    Try to sell them yourself; this way you'll get 100% of the profits. But, if you feel you don't have time for marketing or if you don't want to, then you can ask for 30-50% of the profits I guess. In my opinion, that's reasonable.

    I'd suggest you ask them to set up either an affiliate software or some kind of script that records the sales made. It'd be better if you have your own account to check the sales stats. This way, the possibility for cheating can be reduced.

    Try get an agreement signed too, if you want. If all of this seems like too much work, then why not ask for upfront. This way, you would still get paid even if the PLR packs don't sell. Anywhere from $0.01-$0.03 per word is a good rate for quality articles, in my opinion.
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