is a good domain for building e-commerce site?

by Gozang 8 replies
Hi Warriors:

I have an emd domain with biz extension. The adwords keyword tool suggests that the keyword gets more than a million searches per month locally. There are many products sold online on amazon, ebay.

Interestingly, the dotcom, dotnet, and dotorg versions of this domain are all parked.

How easy it is to rank the site if the .com, .net, and .org are all parked?

Should I use the dropship or build an affiliate site?

I would really appreciate your tips and suggestion.

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    thats a hard question to answer what do you have in mind to sell. I thought of keyword tools, keyword books, but why would you not want keyword book or keyword tool in that case? Unless you want t a generic site all about keywords but then you would want a "S" on the end.

    Just ranbling about it. Thats My Initial 02. But you could share your thoughts on why you thought that would be a good one to own.

    People in general say not .biz extention but I have 2 of them. People say no to info domains too but they serve their own purposes as well.

    The domain as a whole with the .biz extention denotes "keyword business" if that gives you any ideas.
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    Originally Posted by Gozang View Post

    How easy it is to rank the site if the .com, .net, and .org are all parked?
    Exactly as easy/difficult as it would be to rank the .com if the others were parked. As explained above, among the international TLD's the exact domain extension doesn't affect SEO in any way.

    The real issues here are whether or not you want to build a business on a .biz domain of which the .com variant already belongs to someone else (the fact that it's parked now doesn't necessarily mean it'll stay that way indefinitely), the dramatic reduction in the potential resale value, and the potential customer perceptions of the domain-name.

    Difficult to say more without knowing what the keyword is (and I appreciate you don't want to post it, of course).

    I don't use them, myself, and probably wouldn't want to - but that's only personal opinion/bias.
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      I have to agree with the chick above. If I was building a small site that I didn't really care about and I wanted that EMD I might go for a .biz domain. Alternately, I would probably hyphenate it and try to get the .com but that's just me. I don't own any .biz domains and personally I would only buy one if they were having a sale on them and it was for testing or something like that. Of course, all of this is just my personal preference.

      As far as SEO... it's no more difficult to rank a .biz than it is to rank a .com or .info.
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    Quality content will matter much more than .biz
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    had quite some .biz domains back in the days and ranking them was same as .com and .org, but I was just not getting the longtail traffic like on the .com or .org no idea why, I suggest you are better going with normal .com domain especially since emd's dont work anymore
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      Originally Posted by mikemeth View Post

      emd's dont work anymore
      That's one view, certainly.

      A very different one is that thin, poor-quality EMD's have lost some - perhaps even most - of the purely artificial advantage they previously had just by virtue of being EMD's, but that apart from that EMD's continue to work just fine. That's perhaps the view of all the people who are still registering them and most of the people still using them (and it certainly seems to be Google's own view, too, from what Matt Cutts has so far said in public about this issue).
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    Personally I would favor a hyphenated dot com over a .biz - Have you considered contacting the owner of the .com and making them an offer to purchase it?
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    I would scrap the idea that you have to have an EMD to rank and scrap the .biz extension. Not many people use them. I personally wouldn't want one. I would go for a branded domain name for my ecommerce sites, since Google has stated that having an EMD is no longer a passport to the front page.
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