What do you use aside from Warrior Plus, Jvzoo or Clickbank?

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Hey warrirors,

just a quick question when you're doing WSO's.. do you use any other tool or wordpress add-on for protecting your content once a person purchase your wso?

I see a lot of people using warrior plus or Jvzoo and not so much clickbank as far as i've seen some of wso's.. is this only the affiliate thing that you are using it or is there any other reason?

thnx peps,
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    i use:

    optimize press
    amazon s3 for file hosting
    wp file lock

    here's a article i did which will explain things in more detail

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      I've used e-junkie in past and they put a limit on the number of times someone can download from the transaction. However, issue with any form of protection is what people can do with the pdf or other files once it's on the hard drive.

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        Originally Posted by Yogini View Post

        However, issue with any form of protection is what people can do with the pdf or other files once it's on the hard drive.
        This - exactly as Debbie says.

        Protecting the download page is of pretty limited value, if the product itself isn't also protected.

        There's no such thing as "complete security" and sufficiently dedicated people will "hack" any product security, if they want to enough. In reality, they may not want to all that much when there are hundreds of other products they can steal instead.

        I'd suggest that you don't let the fact that you can't have 100% product security put you off getting the 95% security you can get. Doing so is simply defeatist.

        I'd also suggest you ignore the idea that "people who steal your product were never going to be paying customers anyway": this is clearly untrue. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who will search online for an illegal, free download of a product through torrent/black-hat/file-sharing sites and buy it only if they can't find one. Many of these thieves are potential customers, so you do need to do something to prevent/discourage people from buying your WSO and promptly uploading it to such sites.

        E-junkie has a good system available, which stamps the purchaser's transaction-details on every page of the PDF before they download it. It's not 100% security, of course, but it's a huge deterrent to the commonest forms of theft, and well worth trying.
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    thnx people, i appreciate all your feedback. i'm not concerned with product stealing : ) but automation with product delivery : ). so once they purchase they get the goods.. and if i can connect them with some form of affiliate that they instantly become one then the better. regarding stealing content i'm ok with that as my products are based on the backend where i work with people so what you get is basically a product but if you want additional help etc. you will need to be a customer. not 100% hands free but i love to help all my clients and see their success.

    hope i explained a bit of what were my thoughts : )


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    Those are the three most popular platforms for the Warrior Forum, and the platforms which have the most affiliates.

    Ease of access to affiliates is the primary reason we use these platforms.

    Beyond that, E-Junkie is a top choice.

    Making money is a skill.
    Making money online is yet another skill.
    Managing your money is also a skill.
    Trusting others to make money for you? Now that takes trust.

    My Secret Underground Internet Marketing Laboratory

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    Hi Hrvoje,

    I use Rapid Action Profits with the WSOpro add on.

    Once it's set up it's flawless and very easy to work with once you got a handle on it

    Best of Luck,

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    I use a combination of things like others have mentioned above:

    Wish List Member
    Amazon S3
    S3 Flowshield

    Together, they make a pretty powerful combo.


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    great great great my friends. thank you all for your replies. pretty good tools and combinations you are using. and everything has wp plugins which is awesome. keep it up with the replies.

    i'm looking into all of this plugs mentioned plus a few more with the combinations.

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