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Hi All

Can any one advies me how the Viral Marketing works. What the benefits of this?
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    Viral Marketing just means the content you produce is engaging and naturally is spread by users reaching more and more people without having to market it through many other channels and without any extra cost.
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    Originally Posted by mlkottam View Post

    Hi All

    Can any one advies me how the Viral Marketing works. What the benefits of this?
    it is about encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. Like viruses.
    viral Lock (facebook fan page tab app)
    Make your facebook page go viral by requiring your fans to Google+1 or Tweet about your page to reveal premium content.
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    This is the link from wikipedia about viral marketing.

    I hope it helps.
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    You can create viral content by first creating a controversial or funny or shocking or amazing piece of content that everybody falls in love with when they see it. Those people that see it will want to share it with the world. They will do that through sharing your video through social media, social networks, email, word of mouth, etc until your content gathers a ton of exposure and traffic.
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    Hi mlkottam!

    In business internet marketing terms, it is simply referred as marketing through word of mouth. Your main goal in viral marketing is to attract the customer bet offering something free to them. Then, make a forward button that will allow the customer to click on it and spread it to all the people he or she knows.

    You can achieve success through viral marketing only if you offer something that makes people popular or make them feel gratified. Take advantage of the network of the people that you have attracted and use them to further spread your brand.

    Hope this helps.

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    Well, I'm no expert at viral marketing but In my opinion -

    The key to success in viral marketing is producing a piece of content that is so good, so overdelivering that it makes people spread the word.

    Much like the very funny youtube video's you watch and share with your friends..
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      Ok this viral marketing topic is so important in the world of internet marketing!!! See you can sweat really hard and promote other people's content through blogging, article marketing, and pay per click.

      But you are just promoting someone else's stuff. This causes their content to go viral because other affiliates are promoting the guru's stuff also.

      A good example of this is My Lead System Pro. People have been promoting this to get leads for their business opportunity. But you know who really benefits from this? You guessed it, My Lead System Pro. That is L.E.V.E.R.A.G.E.

      That is how viral marketing can really, really, really work for you in your online marketing. Your efforts can produce way more results then little old you by yourself.

      So how do you do it? Here is an example. What matters in this example is being the owner of a system, not being the owner of a product.

      Go do something, learn something,and then produce some kind of measurable result.
      That you can teach. Create a video, audio or pdf on what you learned or did that can help someone do the same thing. Be careful not to give away too much.

      At the end of the product, tell your prospect that you will give them an additional bonus (another product) if they give a positive video testimonial about you with a backlink to your website.

      That is some awesome SEO. You are getting leads who are making more leads for you. This is actually just a small sliver of the viral process but that should help you get a start.

      You might think that this will get exhausted by everyone doing this but the reality is most of the people who want to make money are new to the process. If anyone wants more info on this just email me at empoweryaz2@aweber.com.
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    Just for an example, you can write a PDF report or eBook with links back to your website and distribute it freely over the internet and allow others to share it but without editing the contents. This way the eBook will keep spreading throughout the internet and reach a lot of people without you having to do anything. It will in turn bring visitors to your website who are interested in the topic (targeted traffic) and help you in your business.
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  • If you had asked me the question in 2012 of how Viral Marketing works, I would have summed it up in only two words: 1. Gangnam 2. Style

    Today you can still learn from this viral phenomena by making a list of all the things you can think of that made this thing go viral. The article on wikipedia below is a great read for those seriously interested in learning how it all happened. Enjoy.


    Arnold Stolting.
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    "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
    "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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  • So I've been trying viral marketing on Facebook and I must say you have to be a bit lucky to hit the 'viral part'.

    It is working to some degree, but not enough to be profitable for me right now. However I will keep doing it for a few months because like everything else in Internet Marketing: consistency is the key to success.
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    Viral marketing really works well on a platform like social media. It usually involves videos or images but really good content in the form of text can spread virally as well. Like a person mentioned above the beauty of viral marketing is that you can create some content, spend a few minutes doing it and get OTHER people to share it with their friends and then their friends share it with their friends,etc. I guess viral marketing is a way to leverage your efforts to the hilt.

    There is one "guru" online that attributes a lot of his success to viral marketing.
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    Viral Marketing has similarities with Link Baiting, i.e make something phenomenal like the “GANGNAM STYLE SONG” or a super cool video ad, and all you have to do is to post it on Youtube and just sit back and relax and wait for large number of people to promote your site by sharing your link to thousands and sometimes million number of their friends.
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    Viral marketing doesn't have to rely on people wanting to spread the word and relying on them to do so. In fact, some of the best examples of viral marketing don't use that method at all.

    Take the example from a few years back of Hotmail. They simply put their own "Get a free Hotmail account" link at the bottom of every email that was sent from the system. The numbers of users grew exponentially into hundreds of millions from that without the users having to do anything at all.

    Another example where the viral element is built into the system is something like Skype. I have Skype and if you want to talk to me on it then you have to get it too.

    In my opinion, the advantage you get from the viral element being built right into the system is the speed at which it spreads when compared with waiting for people to do that for you, which requires extra special creativity and "catchiness".



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