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by Bjarne Eldhuset 1 replies
I'm in the making of a couple of free membership sites for listbuilding purposes, and would like to get a hold of some video tutorial packages in the internet marketing niche that I'll be allowed to give to visitors who sign up for free.

The problem is, most products like this does not allow them to be added to free membership sites/given away for free (yeah, I know, for obvious reasons).

So if anyone knows of places I can purchase internet marketing video tutorials of any kind, that can be given away, feel free to enlighten me!
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    ok, here's a secret I revealed in a post a while back... Go to youtube, search out the type of videos you're looking for. Send the owner a message requesting their permission to include their videos on your membership site. (psst.. here's the secret, you don't actually need their permission, it's part of Youtubes' T.O.S. But flattery will take you far my friend, we had JV offers coming to US when we used this tactic.) Be sure to tell them that you will not make any changes to their site and you will give them a back link.

    Hope that helps.

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