FORUMS LIST in One of Evergreen Niches - Relationships, Dating

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Today I decided to share another list with warriors.
This list is for Forums in one of Evergreen Niches - Relationships, Dating Niche.
Some forums are 'Follow', some are 'do not follow'.
Some forums allow links in Signature, some allow links in profile only.

Most Forums I have in this list have at least 10-20k members,
Information included: PR, Number of Members (if available).
Most forums included in this list have fresh posts and threads which are pretty active.
If I have information about Signature and PM option, it would be included As well. I may not have this information available for each site/forum thought.

Hopefully this list would be helpful for some people.

1. The Relationship Forums
PR: PR 3
Members: 21600
Fresh threads
Topics: Appearance, looks in relationships, Flirting, Dating and kissing, long term relationships, Friends, family, health)
Signatures: Stated that Allowed, but not many listed
PM: Allowed.

2. Interpersonal Relationship Advice and Assistance Center - Love and dating advice, platonic relationships, and more.
PR 3
Members 222k
Fresh threads
Topics: Spirituality, Self-improvement, dating, family, relationships, parenting
Sig: No links in signature.
Signature requirements: 30 days and about 100 posts. (or you can pay for right to include your signature with link)

3. Love Forum - Online Relationship Discussion
PR 3
Members: 51000
Fresh threads
Topics: Love advice, broken hearts, breakup, kissing, flirting, personal development, health, marriage, dating
Sigs; Unknown. No signatures found

4. eNotAlone: Relationship advice forum
PR 4
Members: unknown
Fresh threads
Sig: Some members are able to include links to signatures.

5. Talk About Marriage - The Marriage Advice & Relationship Help Forums
PR 5
Members: 49000
Fresh threads
Signature requirements: To be member of forums min 5 days and have at least 30 posts.
Links allowed and included by different members. Some links can be included to Profile.

PR: 3
Members: unknown
Fresh threads.
Topics Covered: Relationships, home improvement, humor, consumer electronics, food, web development, pets, spirituality, art, relationships, sports, internet, parenting, health

7. Psychology & Self Help Forum - Uncommon Knowledge
Pr 4
Fresh threads
Signature requirements: Can have signature after 1 week/30 posts (Which one is sooner
PM (Private Message): can be used after User posted minimum 10 posts.
Members: Unknown
Topics: Depression, psychology, eating disorders, personal relationships, self-help
Signature: After 30 posts.

8. Psychology and Mental Health Forum - Psych forums
PR: 4
Members: 67000
Fresh threads
Topics: Psychology and mental health, abuse, anxiety, development, eating, sexual, addictions, relationships
Signature: Allowed, Links: allowed (To non-commercial sites, to personal related sites only, no coaching sites, no book sales)

9. Forum Home - Party Vibe
Pr 3
Members 29000
Topics: Drugs, addictions, cannabis, smoking, sex, dating, relationships, music, sound equipment, festivals, radio, body art, politics,spirituality.
Fresh threads.
Interesting option: It is possible to Pin (Think Pinterest ) specific forum posts.
Fresh threads (especially in Relationships, flirting section)
Signature: Allowed. Can post Url in profile, has blog option to promote your link. Signature is visible to only 'logged in' users.

10. Hip Forums - 500+ Free Speech Forums
PR: 4
Members: 244000
Fresh threads
Topics: Relationships, yoga, meditation, parenting, gay community, crafts, festivals, love and sex, music, psychedelics, politics
Signature: Allowed after 50-100 posts

PR: 4
Members 538000
Fresh threads
Topics: music, lifestyle, fitness, music, health, sex, relationships, tattoo, crafts, religion, spirituality, politics.
Signature Allowed after 10 posts

12. Kpop music, celebrity news, and drama coverage | Soompi
PR: 4
Fresh threads
Mainly Korean culture oriented (in English language)
Topics: Food, cars, anime, games, artists
Signatere: Allowed

PR: 5
Members: 5586000
Fresh threads
Topics: Losing Fat, nutrition, relationships, workout, supplements
Signature: no Links allowed.

PR: 6
Members: 600000
Topics: Health, Fitness, Exercises, Muscles.

PR: 5
Fresh threads
Topics: health, parenting, skin, muscles, love and relationships, beauty and fashion, food health, fitness
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    Hm... No comments? I was going to post couple more lists for other niches, but if this information is not needed by Warriors now, that probably would be a bad idea. Ok, time to get back to work.
    Can I Haz A CheezBurgr?
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    • Profile picture of the author CarstenK
      Thank you for posting this list!

      Althoug I'm not in the Dating / Relationship Niche I can see many Warriors profiting from your list!

      Keep up the good work!
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    • Profile picture of the author goldengater
      Thanks, Tessa. You have given me some great ideas for non-MMO niches and sub-niches. Thank you for taking the time to list them.
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  • Profile picture of the author crille30
    Thanks Tessa,just what I needed now,
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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Hill
    Wow, fantastic list ... Appreciate it immensely
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  • Profile picture of the author Fox30
    awesome list...thanks!
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  • Profile picture of the author khooster1
    Great list. Thank for sharing.
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  • Profile picture of the author andreas3
    Don't forget the various subforums on Reddit and the whole "seduction" scene. The latter's dodgy as hell but it seems like half the Internet (the male half) has been there at least once.

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  • Profile picture of the author toddfromboston
    Thanks a bunch for sharing Tessa. I am just about to launch a product in the dating niche so this helps a whole lot.
    Rock n Roll is BACK!

    Best piece of advice I've ever received... "Listen, just shut the F*#^ up and listen!" (Because there's always going to be people who have been doing what you do/ want to do for much longer. Shut up, listen to them and learn from them)
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  • Profile picture of the author Anthony W
    Thanks for the share.

    Another great forum search engine I've been using lately is It pulls up forums with any keyword.
    Looking to buy Facebook accounts. PM me!
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  • Profile picture of the author Tenzho
    Thanks Tessa!

    That's a great list for marketers in various niche!
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  • Profile picture of the author alamest
    thanks for sharing it, i think I might start with this nice...

    Do you have any list of forum for business related.. I mean internet marketing related..
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