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I was trying to expand my affiliate program and got tips from some of you guys to go to Google websites that were in the same industry and to e-mail them asking them to essentially join our affiliate program.

At first, I sent out about 30 e-mails, detailing every aspect of the program and seeming very distant. I got NO replies. It wasn't surprising, as I re-read the e-mail I sent out, I myself would of instantly deleted an e-mail like that because it sounded just like SPAM.

After lots and lots of alterations (the key is to test out the right language) I found that the best solicitation emails were kept short and simple and instead of detailing every aspect of your affiliate program, it simply asked them to reply back for more information.

Some language tricks that worked for me were: "One of your audience readers referred your website to me...." making them feel as if they were offering a great source to their readers - enough so for their readers to actually refer and mention them.

Another trick is to BE PERSONABLE. Use their name in the e-mail if possible.

Most importantly... read it yourself: would YOU delete the e-mail as spam?

Wala! Success, I finally got an e-mail back from someone interested in joining my affiliate program! Best of luck to the rest of you warriors.
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    Great post + I totally agree.
    Sounding to corporate and totally impersonal will make you look way spammy. Be human.

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    100% make sure you are personable and human as Calin said.

    This is the only way to really create any interest and get people reading their mail.

    Engage engage engage!
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    Yup! Being personal means the difference between a conversion and not
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      Thanks Alfred, very good info. In your "short and simple" email what information did you include, if you don't mind me asking? I'm thinking the following info would be pretty relevant:

      - What the product is all about and how it fits their website's/blog's theme
      - How it will help their audience
      - Payout and conversion rate on the product
      - How the affiliate will be paid

      Did you include a link to your product or did you tell the website/blog owner to email you back for that info as well? Also, in your experience do you think affiliates will care more about how much the pay/conversion rate is or how helpful the product will be to their readers? I know it would be a bit of both. I just am not sure which one to emphasize.

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