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ok yesterday I posted a sos for someone to mentor me 1 on 1 with bum marketing, and i also posted my story about me, i said i got into IM back in 2006 but what i didnt tell yall was that I gave bum marketing a try back in March of 07 and wrote 1 article to ezinearticles in on an IM niche, and never wrote another article due to me working a lot for the past year. I save all of my logins and passwords on my hard drive on my computer in a hidden folder so 2day i found my old clickbank login and password tied to the article I wrote a year ago and seen that I made a few sales from that article over the past year. Isnt that funny!? I was just logging on to clickbank just because, I didnt expect to see a few sales lol!! But I cant get a check because of the 5 different credit card rule that clickbank has.
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