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Recently, youtube emailed me and stated that they want me to monetized the videos in yt accout and so I did.

A couple of questions about the copyright:

When I was watching youtube something about anime like One Piece (most of them are short clips) they also some google ads in it. Is this a copyright issue?

and I am not clear about the "Fair Use policy", can anyone explained to me?

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    I think if you get a lot of DMCA requests it becomes a problem.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    It depends!

    Did they get the short clip from Creative Commons? If that's the case then NO.

    Also there are some clips of audio and Video you can download absolutely FREE on the internet.
    If that's the case than NO its not a copyright issue -- although I have seen some Videos taken down because YouTube believed that these FREE clips were copyrighted!

    I think a good rule of thumb is: If the clips uploaded are not yours or didn't directly come from YouTube's Creative Common's section than consider it a copyright issue!
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    YouTube does not independently enforce copyright. They only enforce copyright at the request of the copyright holder.

    Most of the big entertainment companies have agreements in place with YouTube and their stuff gets blocked automatically by bots.

    But there are tons of copyright videos and clips on YouTube that are left alone. Likely because there is no existing agreement with YouTube by the owner and the owner has not made a complaint.

    There are some full Hollywood movies on YouTube like "Boondock Saints" (search YouTube) that have been up for years and never taken down. That's why you see stuff that you think should be copyright. It is.

    "Fair Use" usually includes things like allowing a certain amount for usage in news items. Also parodies or consumer complaint uses have often been judged as "fair use". It depends on the case and how aggressive the original copyright holder wants to pursue a resolution.

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    If you have copyrighted material on your channel that gets flagged by the copyright owners, Youtube will ask you to remove the material.

    If you don't comply quickly or get a lot of complaints in a short period of time then they may not let you monetize your videos with them any more.

    In other words you have to be pretty brazen to incur any negative account on your YT account due to copyright.
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