How Do You Know When To Quit?

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I have purchased a few eBooks on how to make money on the net, trying to stay away from the ones that promise outrageous returns and have dumped over $1500 away and made far less. I've yet to find something that actually turns a profit. I've tried adsense, CPA and clickbank -- so my question is, for people who are just starting and at the mercy of others reading materials etc. how do you know when to quit and find something else? Is there anything out there that's really "follow this method and it WILL work"?

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    Welcome of the forum.

    Quitting before you even start would be really sad

    Giving up without even making a plan would also be really sad.

    There are plenty of discussions on the forum about how to start... how to make a plan... how to deal with information overload. It's important to realize that you're not alone, not at all, in feeling overwhelmed and baffled.

    Joining the forum is a perfect step in starting to calm the raging storm of too much stuff to think about.

    You need to come up with some kind of criteria you'll use to evaluate all the claims about which form of marketing is the best.
    You'll need to evaluate different opportunities and strategies, and pick what might work for you.
    You'll need to focus your activity on one particular approach, step by step.

    What's the best plan for you? It might be different than my plan, or the plan of any of the next 100 forum participants.

    The ideal plan for you should be adapted to your own situation in life, and your own personality.

    For example, there are some strategies for people who love to write, and others that are great for people who like to talk in person to groups.
    Other strategies are great for people who like to be on the computer all day working on their business, and still other strategies for people who want to spend the minimum amount of time on their business.

    So, how about taking a break for a few days from all the information about marketing, and talk a bit about your personality and goals? Then your fellow forum participants can help you choose a plan that works for you.


    Success only requires four words.

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    How much time are you giving each of these projects to work? Unrealistic expectations could derail you quick.

    You can make money with Adsense and Clickbank products.

    While books are nice and they do provide tips the real knowledge comes from applying it and seeing what works or doesn't work for you. Then you modify it and keep pressing forward.

    This is not an easy journey but it sure is fun.

    Let me ask you a question, "If you take a road trip what is one of the first things you do?" You plan your trip..the routes you will take. You have to do the same with your business...develop a plan.

    Not everything will work but you still have to work it.
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    I was having doubts too. Until last week, when I began making sales. You need to stick with it. Fine 1 product that you especially like, and stick with it. I used Bryan Zimmerman's ebook The Newbie Workbook. What I did was read the book, grab the things I felt were going to be the most useful, then begin implementing them. The good thing about the newbie workbook, is that it is a checklist that walks you through the process. (I am not affiliated with Bryan Zimmerman, I am just talking about his book, because it is the only product that has made me money.) You are not going to make easy money over night. It takes some hard work. I thought that once I got my site up, the cash was going to start pouring in. It didn't. I stuck to it, and after about a month, I started making money. So the best advice I can give you is to find a product (or just read around in this forum) and stick to it. Eventually, you will see yourself making some money.

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    On your own it's tough. You may start with something that works
    right away and then you may not. Outside of using a coach/mentor
    you are on your own and subject to the marketing messages. We've
    all been there.

    Close to 10 years in this business and I've seen Warriors who made
    it big right away and others who struggle to the finish line. A couple
    things strike me about those who have made it to guru status:

    They ALL used other people's efforts, money or influence.

    Other people's efforts: affiliate marketing, list building
    Other people's influence: networking (seminars)
    Other people's money: borrowed, begged, stole ...

    I once bought a $250 software product that made me over $10,000
    and I also bought a $3000 product that was suppose to the do the
    same job as the $250 product, just better, and it bombed!

    Sometimes you can't tell what will work or not until you work it.
    In the mean time you are getting a valuable education.

    -Ray Edwards
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    A good book on this topic is "The Dip" by Seth Godin.

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    I know how to quit if I can resolve my own problem. And if I really know how to start with new things.
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    You know when to quit when you check your credit card or Paypal and realize you've paid a whole lotta money for peanuts....
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      Quit? Sorry, that word isn't in my vocabulary.
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    Quit? whats that? some new type of soap? Seriously, PICK ONE THING AND FOCUS. If you decide to do CPA for one week, do it for one week. I decided to do just that. So I got accepted and only focused on that until I made consistent profit. Then add another stream. One thing at a time.
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      As someone who has quit before, and has recently restarted my advice would be: Choose ONE thing to focus on, stop buying any new program that comes your way, and take action. I got side tracked to often. If you work and keep working on the same tactic, you will see results.
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    I also have the same problem. Hopefully, I can also use your advices. *fingers crossed*
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    Hi BigCashDetective,

    Don't quit just yet!!! I know some days can be very overwhelming and you feel like you have so much information but you don't know what to do with it, so it will produce
    results. There is a learning curve that all new IMers go through than can get tedious but you need to stay at it. Like anything else, if you want it bad enough, push through the tough days and stay focused on why you started this in the first place.

    I can recommend for beginners starting out. I have been using and learning from his FREE material for a few months now and it has made a huge difference for me in learning how this all goes together, what I need to be concentrating on right now, and so. Having someone help you through the process of putting all the right pieces in place to build on, is esential when starting out.

    So hang in there...keep pressing forward. This forum is a great place to get connected and get ideas. It also can be a bit of overload. The key here is to focus in on what you need help with right now and LEARN IT then move forward. Really...Chris Farrell can help you...check him out. Hope the helps......
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      The hardest thing is to stay motivated when you aren't getting sales.

      Trust me. When you get that first sale, you'll be recharged.

      With problem with people new to IM is that they thing it's a free ride. I don't blame them since that's what the book or course they just purchased has led them to believe.

      The steps aren't complicated. It's the way they are presented that makes it look quick and easy. For example:

      Go to College > Go to Med School > Make Tons of Money

      As you can see in just two easy steps you can make a ton of money!

      Well now that may be true but look at the time it takes to complete those steps.

      It's the same with IM. It takes time, some longer than others.

      Stick with it and good luck.
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  • It's interesting that I've seen at least two threads in the last couple days about "hanging it up" and leaving Internet marketing.

    I think the problem is that too many people are mistaking strategies for business. Strategies are the things you use to promote your business -- and that's where the real potential for profit (or lack thereof) lies.

    Unless you are selling something people actually need or badly want -- and you've established that there is a market willing to pay for it -- even the most effective strategies out there will fizzle out in short order.

    I'd suggest ignoring strategy and "how to make money" guides for now, and just focus on setting up a viable business -- finding a market, coming up with a product, and setting up a website that functions properly for you.

    In other words, the only surefire way to make money is to sell people something they want, and that takes research on your part (keywords, competition, etc.) That's where your focus should be. Once you know that, then you can figure out how to market it.

    The official account of the Internet Marketing Center. Stop by to connect -- we'd love to meet you.

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    Shawn probably hit the nail on the head with this one. i.e. "the real knowledge comes from applying it "

    If you've spent $1500 on products that teach you how to do stuff, how much time have you spent just stone cold focussing on what you learnt and actually taking ACTION ?

    It's a hard question to be honest with yourself about for some people.
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      One of the biggest mistakes most new marketers make online is that they chase every single new thing that comes along. They do not stick to one strategy. They try to find and jump on the latest and greatest thing.

      That is a recipe for disaster. You will never make any money if you chase product launch after product launch. You need to find one strategy and stick with it.

      Once you master that strategy and then start turning a profit, then you can go and learn a new strategy. But, until you learn and master a strategy you're just spinning your wheels.

      Plus, after you master that strategy you can then document how to do it and outsource it. Plus, you can even put a product together on how to use that strategy.
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    I'm not by any means a 'guru' or even successful, but I would tell you that there's one thing you should quit, at least for now: spending money.

    I've spent about $40 on two firesale items more because I wanted to donate than because I've wanted/needed something. I spend my time learning how to sell things, what sells, and such for free.

    I learned SEO by writing articles for Associated Content. I learned about keywords and such there, too. I get a bit of cash, but better than that, I learn how to write something that people can find.

    When I felt successful at that, I put what I learned into practice on a free blogger blog to see if I could sell stuff. Is it professional? No. Am I making a living? Not yet. But I'm making a bit of money and learning while you spend money and make nothing, and clearly aren't learning much either, or you'd have made some money.

    I took what I learned from those two things and put up some (again, free) Squidoo pages to see if I could build a profitable mini-site. I figure, if I can make enough money to cover the cost of domain/hosting I can legitimize buying and building my own site.

    Every month my income has grown, and trust me - I celebrate every 40 cents I make from a sale. I'm not making a living - but I'm making more than I made 12 months ago - I'm making more than I made 1 month ago.

    And, with the stuff I've learned about how search engines work, how to find out what people look for, and what sort of problems people want to solve, I've finally come up with what I am fairly certain will be a profitable idea for a first legitimate, professional web site. I'm in research/planning stages now and when I've got that all settled and the site in place, I'm fairly certain it will be nicely profitable and might even attract the attention of people who pay lots of money for websites.

    I'm not saying you should do what I've done - but you should definitely stop doing what you've done. It's not working. If you can't make a dime on a free site, you shouldn't spend a dime on a 'system' - because you'll fail.
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