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Hey All

Trying to make some extra money and need some real direction. I am highly motivated but don't seem to get the best most creditable way of doing it.

Thanks for your help
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    Look around this forum,some very knowledgeable peeps on here.Be specific with your questions,be patient,internet marketing is a marathon,not a sprint,start with the fundamentals,build a list,offer a freebie then monetize, create a blog,build relationships,offer REAL value,gain trust....stay FOCUSED.

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    If you want to make some fast cash, then I'd suggest you go for freelancing first. List out your skill, pick one or two and provide a service related to that. This can be article writing, video creation etc. Then, once you are confident that you can make money online, invest some of the money you earned into other things; maybe websites, blogs and so on.

    Don't read too many things and start all at once; you'll get overwhelmed and you won't be able to do anything well. Read the basics of the methods first; for example, if you are interested in affiliate marketing, start reading about that. In the mean time, earn money via your service so you won't feel like you are wasting your time for nothing. Do this for some 2-3 months; by then, you'll have some knowledge about the everything that's involved in that subject, and you'll have some money saved up and you can start implementing whatever you read about that topic. Of course, you won't know everything about that subject; you can't unless you actually do it, but you'll know enough to start doing it.

    This is what I did. When I started internet marketing, I was still making money from my writing service, and I was confident that even if I didn't make much or anything from internet marketing, I can still go back to my writing business any day, and my clients would be glad to have me write their articles for then again. I already had a working method to which I can go back any day; this thought reduced the pressure a lot I guess.

    Hope this helps you out. Good luck.
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    Keep searching and reading! There;s lot real treasures in this forum!

    Don't worry be happy!

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    There are many ways to make money online and many skills to master. I decided to get started with CPA affiliate programs and got good at driving targeted traffic and making monthly commissions. Then moved on to creating products, learning sales copy etc. Focus on one or two skills and really master them. Then move on to the next.
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    Try to learn about SEO completely. You will find a lot of posts here and also you have google with you for reference.
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    hi Steve ... welcome to the IM world. If you need any help, please drop me a line.


    Please do not use affiliate/MLM links in signatures

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      Here is some history. I started doing this last year and knew absolutely nothing, spent some money on mailers and tried to build a "downline " for the long term cash. Not panning out. Then discovered "affiliate marketing" and clickbank. have made a couple of sales fishing in the mailers. I found amazon but not having any luck with that at all.
      I do like the idea of selling a real product instead of a digital one. I do have a go daddy site and blog but they are not monetising at all.

      Desperate for help not another sales pitch....
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    For a long long time I was doing a big mistake regarding internet marketing. I was trying to figure out by myself how to do it and was convinced that without a penny invested I could learn and became good in internet marketing and make substantial income. I was so wrong and I wasted so much of my time and nerves with zero results! Few months ago I came in contact with one of the big marketers and decided to invest in him teaching me how to earn money online. He showed me his proven methods how he is doing business online and the only thing I needed to do was listen to him and do his steps. Suddenly all that internet marketing was clear to me and I saw it is not that complicated at all. After entering his coaching program everything changed in my life! I wasn't lost anymore. I knew exactly what I need to do, how it has to be done. He showed me tools he is using to grow his business, places online where I should concentrate my efforts and focus and how to monetize all that. So I sincerely recommend to you, join to somebody's coaching program be persistent, never give up and you will be doing great things online!

    For your success sincerely,

    Do you have dreams? - http://frankoferencic.com
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    To be successful online you need to utilise the knowledge you have already, too many people try to 'learn' internet marketing as if THAT is the product, internet marketing is just a way to promote a product, create something from what you know and use the internet to achieve success
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      Thanks all. I have been in this for almost 1 year with very little success, maybe because of budget restraints. But like anything, spend it to make it I guess. 0 budget = 0 ad bucks
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    Welcome to the warrior forum.

    Just browsing the internet or this forum can be very overwhelming for someone who is new.

    If you are looking for a way to make money online, I would suggest that you go with affiliate programs.

    I would go into Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble and order two books that you need to read to move forward.

    1 is called "think and grow rich" By Napoleon Hill. This book is for motivation.

    2nd book I would buy to learn the ins and outs of how to make money online is called:

    How I made my first MILLION online and how you can too by Ewen Chia. It is a very good book that I read and recommend to any newbie.

    These should get you on the right track.
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    And don't forget to focus on something that gives you pleasure.
    You will spend a considerable amount of time implementing your IM strategies, so make sure it is something you enjoy and soon you will see how fun is IM.
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    Find what you are interested in and keep learning knowledge in this forum. If you can not find the answer, you can make a post to ask for help.
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