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So, i've been working on a fintess site for a couple of weeks now hoping to finish everything design and content related by the end of the year. The last few days though, i've been getting a lot of negative talk from a few friends who already have their own website and online business going. They tell me it's too saturated.

I'm seriously questioning myself right now, and feel really bad about this. I've been working my ass of the last couple of weeks despite having minimal knowledge about computers and just a total newbie.

However, i saw a post here once buy a dude, seemed like a dude that was making good money and he got thanked a lot of times too..He recommended the fitness nieche. I'm kinda confused..Am i just having one of those newbie moments or fitness really too saturated now?
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    The fitness and weight loss niche is FAR from being over saturated. That's my favorite niche and the one I make the most money with.

    There is plenty of room for others to join. Especially if you approach the niche with an online/offline marketing method.

    Network marketing also works extremely well with the fitness niche.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Niche saturation is a huge myth. You can get in and compete and make money in highly competitive niches. High competition means lots of customers.

    Everyone wants to lose weight or have better health. Sometimes health products convert very well on very generic and untargeted traffic sources.

    I think the key to success it o be real, sincere and authentic to your readers. There are a lot of scams in fitness so it's easy to set yourself apart by providing actionable info, real detailed/honest reviews of products etc. etc.
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      the big markets is where the big money is.you just have to find a usp and work it.we keep seeing new top sellers in niches like fitness and dating for a reason
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    It doesn't matter how saturated the niche you're going into is. In fact, if you work harder than your competition, you will reap untold rewards later down the track.
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    In my opinion, people say something is over saturated in order to discourage competition from coming into their niche. If you want to go into that niche, and if you are sure you can do a good job, then why don't you do it? You are always going to hear something negative about anything you plan to start, so don't worry too much about the naysayers.
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      Health and fitness is my favorite niche, and no, I don't think that there is "too much" competition, whatever that means.

      You have to work hard and network, like others said, and find people who will be willing to allow you to guest post on their blog, and they can guest post on yours, etc.

      Also, there are tons of forums and blogs in this niche, so comment on blogs and provide quality information to the forums.

      Keep working hard.

      If you have any fitness or nutrition related issues, head over to
      JJStrength for tips on getting fit and staying healthy.
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    The fitness still offers many many opportunities and I have been quite successful with it. My advice would be to stick with it ... and try to be creative in your approach to traffic.
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    There are a lot of people in the niche, however you have to realize that there is always room for new people to get into this niche.

    There is no reason you can not become successful if you work at it.
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    Originally Posted by LearnNOTmoney View Post

    Am i just having one of those newbie moments or fitness really too saturated now?
    I would not call it a newbie moment because people of all experience levels have moments and times of doubt.

    And I agree with previous posts about fitness not being saturated. Also, your "friends" are not doing you any favors with such comments. Perhaps they're just not so positive-minded and are parroting things they've heard. I don't want to suggest, or conclude or judge, that they're behaving maliciously.

    Aside from all the speculation...

    If you want to pursue business in the fitness niche, then do it. You're new to IM which is fine.

    It's important to realize there are millions of keywords and not just what some s/w tool returns. They do not even begin to return all there is. So keep that in mind.

    You're entering a competitive niche. So don't try to go head-to-head with established websites. It's fine to study them, though.

    You can get results with different approaches, or angles. It's all up to you, and I'm just trying to give you some ideas and food for thought.
    How about finding a sub-niche of the fitness market? Fitness for single fathers; single mothers w/ a career and kids. Fitness for people with disabilities. Things like that.

    Also, and lastly, take care of your dreams and mindset. Hopefully your friends mean well, but you have to learn how to filter out stuff like that. Well-meaning, or perhaps not, comments from people you know can plant seeds of doubt. Look what brought you here to make this thread and ask.

    Work hard and have fun.
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    Hello ,

    if you know how to do internet marketing than you can do anything regardless of a niche, but it takes work at start. A lot of work! Not only just hard work but work in a right and smart way. Fitness niche is one of the best possible niches you could choose for your business. Assuming you have quality content providing on your website. Usually people have many excuses when saying "it is not working", "it is to late", "it is saturated" etc! They make excuses because they hide the fact that they are not working enough or that they are not willing or to lazy to educate to make their business work. So when you have your website up and running, this is only small part on a road to start earning profits form it. The real work has only began at that point! You have to get traffic to your site. You need quality traffic which will convert into money! This is internet marketing and you have to know how to do it right. I hope you have enough knowledge or you are willing to learn how to make your site profitable! I wish you all the best with you online business !!!


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    If your friends can't compete in a market like fitness, weight loss, personal development, etc...it's NOT because it is too saturated, it's because their marketing sucks!

    The great news about competitive markets - there are problems to be solved and people with money eagerly wanting to pay to have those problems solved.

    The challenge in front of you is to better identify those challenges, positioning solutions into those markets, create compelling copy and execute like crazy...you can do it!

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    I appreciate it guys. Those Conversations i had with them yesterday was brutal..

    Working my ass of again,

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    I would say out of the "BIG" niches out there,the Fitness Niche is probably the easiest to monetize and the most evergreen.Just look at the turnover ratio of products/solutions/techniques and strategies coming onto the market on a daily basis.Dont get disheartened and sometimes,especially in IM,it is wise to keep your cards close to your chest.

    FREE REPORT....Go viral and blast your traffic results out of the park!http://bit.ly/12iu37j



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