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Hey, I'm constructing an ebook at the moment which tailors remedies to certain medical conditions.

I was wandering how lengthy I should make it being my first.
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    How lengthy it should be totally depends on a lot of variables:

    Is it a freebie (give-away for an opt-in, for example), or a paid product?
    If it's paid, what is your intended price point of selling it?

    Obviously, the more money you ask for it, the more detailed and info-packed it should be. There are no hard and fast rules like "if you want to charge $X, the ebook needs to have Y pages".

    Assuming it's a paid ebook, just put yourself in your buyers shoes: Would you be satisfied with the information you received if you paid $X for the ebook?

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    Yeah. Length shouldn't come into your mind at all. You should write in such a manner that you cover the content efficiently without rambling on or fluffing about. Make sure you use lots of pictures and graphics along the way to keep your readers interested. (Y)
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    Ehh, I am not an eBook creator/ writer. However I often read it when I am really need. And I love the book with detailed content with less shit.
    So, keep straight to the points and detailed.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    I wholeheartedly agree that a great eBook should be short and too the point, in the information age people want it fast and easy. I would definitely suggest that you make sure to set aside some time to make sure it is properly formatted and spice up the design a little. Just that little bit of work making it look nice goes a long way.
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    It really depends on how much information you want to squeeze into the book. I, like the above posters, think you should focus on including as much information into the EBook as possible instead of trying to hit a certain word count.
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    I released my first site with ebook about 2 months ago. Im really excited with the results. so more power to you!
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    As long as it needs to be to effectively solve the issues your remedies are promising to address.

    Start with an outline...

    - why the medical condition exists, symptoms
    - why other remedies fall short
    - why your remedies work
    - remedy 1 step-by-step and expected results
    - remedy 2 step-by-step with expected results
    - etc...
    - cautionary notes
    - how to prevent future re-occurrences
    - upsell to additional solutions (if you have them)

    These become your chapters, each one should have 5-10 pages, there you have it.

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    As long as your ebook provides valuable content and no fluff everyone should be happy. People would rather have a 5 page ebook that gets straight to the point then a 70 page ebook that is filled with fluff and filler. Your subscribers will respect you more if it is straight and to the point.
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      The length?

      . . . just like a woman's dress, "long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting."

      Good luck,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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