How to monetize websites ?

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Looking for some tips and suggestions on how to monetize your website or idea. Does it have to cost you money? Is there a certain hosting site that is quicker at or does that even matter. I know just having a site does not guarentee cash flow.
Is a site better than a blog?

Thanks for your input.
Not looking for a sales pitch

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    Monetizing any website depends on the niche you working on and traffic.
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    • Put an optin form on your site and build a list. Offer something of value. Then you can build that list and market to those people forever.
    • You can also become an affiliate and place those links on your site.
    • Use Adsense
    • If you have enough traffic, sell advertising to those who might want to put ads on your website.
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    Originally Posted by huskiekira View Post

    Looking for some tips and suggestions on how to monetize your website or idea. Does it have to cost you money?
    Monetizing never cost money you can monetize your site using ads, affiliate programs, cpa programs etc.
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    Get lots of traffic and put advertising on your site... or else have individuals pay you to even use the site.
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    There are 3 basic ways to monetize any site
    1. advertising
    2. selling stuff (be an affiliate or create your own product)
    3. Memberships - people pay to join the site

    Of course this is oversimplifying and it really depends on your niche. I have a website that is a membership site because people are willing to pay for the information - I have another website that I make money selling my own products because people aren't willing to buy a membership as they can find the information I share other places for free.

    Send me a message if you want some more detailed information.
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    There's 2 easy ways to monetize every website no matter the niche, first of all copy all the e-mails from ppl who has commented on your site then put all the e-mails on a .txt document and sell that list, you can get $200 fro a 1k list of real e-mails, the other one is link bucks, create an account there and create short links for your website, that will pay you from every click you get, you can make $5 a day with link bucks.
    All the best.

    Finally back.

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    Such an open discussion, but definitely need a bit more information. But the best way to monetize would be to create your own product and sell that to your subscriber list.

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    You can monetize your site with Ad networks like adsense or Affiliate offers.
    Monetizing your site doesn't cost you money.Most programs are free.

    Hosting doesn't matter most of the time.But hosting your site with a reputed host is very important for the rankings and security of your site.
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      Thanks all for your input. I will look into all of your suggestions. I just want to keep this as real as possible.
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