Joint Venture Help Please - I've Never Done It Before

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Here's the skinny...

I have a product I'm going to launch sometime in October. I contacted someone in my niche (only they are more general where my product is specific) and asked if they thought my product was a good fit for their visitors, and if so to email me (they have the list, I have the product).

Here's the problem...

I've never done a "joint venture" before. This person emailed back that yes, my product would be a good fit. So...what do I do now? I want to get back in touch quickly with my offer, and I want to do it "right" (if there is such a thing) but I feel like such an idiot at the moment. <blush>

Here's my question...

What do I say? What do I send?

Thanks for overlooking my ignorance and thanks for your help with this.

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