Best Tell-a-Friend Option

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Here's what I'm after: visitors are to refer at least three friends, then they will receive a free video. The easier the better (logging into one's email program to refer contacts in address book is ideal). Statistics and tracking is important to determine the campaign's viral effectiveness.

I discovered from talking with Frank Bauer, funny guy. I've looked into Viral Inviter, and it seems similar tell-a-friend scripts that login into someone's gmail, yahoo, msn, aol account via another portal violates their rules. Also, aweber does not approve of sign-ups through tell-a-friend scripts because the user has not entered in their details. Spam complaints must also be a problem. Many people seem scripts like Viral Inviter and have success with it.

Plaxo seems to be a potential option that could integrate gmail, yahoo, etc., contacts in the address book with a tell-a-friend, but it would require additional coding I'm not sure anyone has achieved. It is free though and offers a more reliable way of logging into email accounts.
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