What ever happened to Rich Jerk?

by vivo
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It seems like he is not talked about much anymore.
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    haha, hype dies down, especially since a whole lot of people do not want to be slapped by the almighty "google"
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      I think he posted a WSO here a while back where he said he used to call himself the Rich Jerk. I'm not a 100% sure if he had started a WSO or perhaps I saw it elsewhere.
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    I assume you are talking about Kelly Felix? He was the original "rich jerk", then someone else took over, and Kelly recently bought the rights to the name - but hasn't done anything with it - in the past I guess...

    He now runs "Bring the Fresh" with Mike Long.

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    Yeah, he runs BTF and talks about his Rich Jerk days on the salespage. BTF has a pretty loyal following, too, from what I've seen.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    He is still making money. Check out "Bring The Fresh", you'll find him there.... in a more loving tone lol...

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    Kelly Felix is the rich jerk...

    although I didn't buy his story on the sales page, I think it's a pretty good sales page
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    He is still making a ton of money online. Just with a different product.
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    Not many folks knew the marketer behind the Rich Jerk, back in the day, but yep it was Kelly Felix who happens to have an interesting back story which includes being evicted from Trump Tower, if memory serves. Everyone has their ups and downs but it's how you bounce back that counts
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    I loved the persona of the Rich Jerk. David Wood is the new Rich Jerk. He came out with a headline for the compensation plan, "I punch wussies in the face." Dude is hilarious.
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    awesome read, I had never heard of kelly before this thread, very interesting story

    I wonder how much his newest venture will take off
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    I remember reading it WAY back, I thought it was a treasure trove. Unfortunately, my easily excitable college-self got lost in the awesome writing of the book and didn't take away anything actionable from it. I don't remember the contents anymore but perhaps it's time for a second read now that I'm actually trying to get something done in IM.

    Enjoy this promotion-free space while it lasts before I get wiser.

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    He's a good dude. I believe he owns an animal rescue among other things now. Also, yes, he is behind BTF with Mike Long. They've had that up for a couple years now, and it apparently is a solid info product with relatively frequent updates, as I see people constantly mentioning it even on Facebook.

    Solid guy. His experiences have made him a better man.
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    Rich Jerk's profile on WF (AKA Kelly Felix):
    View Profile: KellyFelix

    His 'Bring the Fresh' program:

    THAT is what happened to the Rich Jerk.
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    I read his story. TLDR, but I read it, and it was pretty good.
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    TLDR but awesome from what I saw.

    RJ was the book which brought me into IM, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Of course I didn't understand any of it. So..regardless of how good his book is/was...every dollar I make online I owe to the RJ book
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