Could you help out a newbie?

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Hello Warrior Forum Members,
I want to do freelance article writing, but I do not know how to get started. Also, I do not have money to advertise my skills.
Thank you in advance.

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    You could post here under Warriors For Hire section, on DP forums, as well as promote your services via article marketing and the Big T..Twitt Twitt!!

    Hasta la WinVista, Baby!

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      hey thanks. think I'll try out Twitter first.
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        $4 per 300 word article.

        Categories- Fitness, Sport-writing- cricket, football(soccer) and Formula1 racing, movie and book reviews
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          Wow thats a good rate! consider article directories like ezinearticles and others to promote your service.

          I'm not really in those niches but I like cricket and football. I Just watched the WI vs England Test and ODI series a few weeks ago.

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    Hey Gaurav, what are your rates like?
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    There is a lot of good information on this forum alone Guarav, I am also wanting to start writing articles and if you search this term on this forum, you will find a lot of good information.
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    I just joined and didn't know about the search feature. Yes there really is a lot of good stuff here. Lucky for me that I found this place
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    I've just joined twitter and it is a great place to start up a marketing forum. It's good to see you progress.
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    Why not spend 45 mins writing like 5 articles or so a night, then when you start to get some sales invest in a freelancer and hello profits!
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    Start a blog. If you don't have money, go with blogger. This IS your sample. Create a post advertising your skill and if you wish, include your rate.

    Now everywhere you go, promote this post. You can have it as a forum signature. You can promote it in article directories. You can also add that to your twitter bio.

    Also check out the Warriors for hire section in this forum.

    One another tip: Go to a blog in your niche. Contact the author and ask them if you can write them a guest post. If they agree, write an article and at the end you promote your service and also remind the blog author that you are for hire. This tip worked for me when I started.

    Good luck.
    Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
    Special Price:$10 per article (normally $25). PM Me for details.
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    You can also register to elance, or odesk. there are a lot of companies or individuals out there who are looking for good writers, maybe you'd be fortunate enough to be chosen.
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