What plug in do you use to track your visitors on your wordpress sites?

by Jensha
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What plug in do you use to track your visitors on your wordpress sites?

I tried the statpress and it turned out to be outdated.
The newer one is statpress visitors but it didn't work out for me as well.
So I thought of asking you guys what are you using for tracking right now?
Any recommendations please?
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    You don't really need a plugin. You need to register with Google Analytics.

    Most themes give you a place to insert the Analytics code.

    If your theme doesn't offer this feature, there are multiple plugins which allow you to add your Analytics code.
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      statcounter.com/ works great. I use it in combination with GA.
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    I use statcounter. It's free unless you want an extended history. It gives you everything you need about where your visitor came from and which pages they went to and lots more.

    It's not a plugin - but this has the advantage that you can view all the stats from all your Wordpress blogs on one site and also means you have one less plugin to slow your site down. It's easy to install the javascript they provide by either putting it in your footer.php file or by pasting it into the stats/scripts box that any decent theme provides.
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    I use Statcounter (and GA) too.

    I try to keep the plugins to a bare minimum, really not necessary to use a plugin for this.
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    I use the free Count per day on all my blogs. Provides all the information you get from Google analytics within your Wordpress admincp.
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    Hi Jensha,
    I think StatCounter.com is the best choice and it's FREE!

    First you have to register an account on their main website here: StatCounter - Free Invisible Web Tracker, Hit Counter and Web Stats and after you log in, there is an easy step-by-step process to have their code installed on your WP site.

    Second you have to download and activate their Wordpress plugin (you can find it here: WordPress › StatCounter - Free Real Time Visitor Stats « WordPress Plugins) You are going to need a Projecd ID and a Security Code that will be provided from your dashboard on their website.

    I use it for my blogs and it's truly helpful, as I can see a lot of stats of how the visitors are acting on my site.

    They also recently introduced a new feature called 'Mobile Devices Stats'. This stat will help you to identify the individual mobile devices which are most commonly used to access your site. Then you can use this info to optimize your site for mobile OR to establish if there is a problem accessing your site from certain devices.

    Hope it helps!
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    I use Statpress Reloaded as well as Google Analytics
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      Avoid unnecessary plugins. Just drop the statcounter code into a text widget and you are good to go!
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    Another vote for statcounter - they really are the best way to organize all of your sites into one place and see all the stats you need.

    I don't use GA just because I'd rather not give Google another eye into my sites but I've probably just got the tinfoil hat on a little too tight, lots of people use GA and I'm sure it works great as well
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  • Profile picture of the author Lena Williams
    I am using pulsemap widget to track my visitors but it is not satisfying me. I was about to ask this question here. Good to see that someone else already asked it. Now, I will have a lot of choice. So far, statcounter is appearing as the most popular to me.
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