About to turn 18, want to get started. Help me out?

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I have always had an "entrepreneur" attitude. When I was ~10, I would make T-Shirts and sell them to kids at recess. When I was 13-15, I would go on the internet and Google ways to make money; I did several "paid survey" sites and such. About a year ago, a friend and I made ~$2000 profit selling popular electronics on eBay. Now that I am coming of legal age required to fill out paperwork, register websites, deal with taxes, etc., I am ready to step foot in the "big game" so to speak. I would like to begin earning a steady cash flow on the side.

I do not expect to come in immediately and begin earning several thousand dollars a month from IM, but any small amount of income on the side will help.

I am not looking for a free ride to wealth from anyone, but if somebody could point me in the direction of things to read, websites to use, general ideas, etc. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
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    Yo dude, hook up Skype and add me up!

    Alexander Shelton
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    well, find something you love then start making money from it. NEVER invest in any "work from home" business opportunitiy or online franchise. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS! Also, don't pay for anything to get started. You can even use a free website to make money. I just want to save you some time from the frauds and scams. do you like to write, design jewelry, draw? Sell you art, drawings or jewelry online. Always stick with something you like though.

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    Hey Man,

    I am only 18 myself i recommend just reading around this forum you will finds tons of good info but if you want to chat hit me up on skype.


    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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      Thanks for the advice!
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        Just thought I'd update my thread. I've recently gotten into a CPA program. In order to "start small" I've decided to make one website, and include 2 affiliate links in it, so it's easy for me to keep track of and focus on making it a high-ranking page with good traffic. I just need to find some efficient ways to get targeted traffic now... I've gotten 9 uniques so far in the first day.
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    If you're looking for a good place to start, start with understanding your choices of online business models as a newbie.

    Times have never been better for someone in your situation.

    Follow this thread to cut down on info-overload and confusion and a rundown of your online business model choices...


    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Go take part in Ed Dale's 30 day Challenge. Ask loads of question in their forum.

    Here is the link to sign up.

    Thirty Day Challenge

    Steep learning I would say, but if you push through, then you will have a better understanding of what you like to do in the future.
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    If you are looking to become a success in Im which I assume since you are here at WF , Check out The Warrior Special Offers Section, and look for Jeremy and Dons Bootcamps, It will show you from start to finish on what to do. No Bs no leaving parts out like most so called gurus. Just straight facts and know how. They have IM ,Article Marketing, Cpa, And Seo Bootcamps. That will help ypu learn from the start of biz to continued success, In my opinion. And best of all they are all affordable services. And dont jump from the next hyped thing to the next. Just sticl with one person to learn from and stick with them same methods. Good Luck

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    You have come to the right place. Since you already have the entrepreneurship in you, then it should'nt be a problem to get started, once you find what you want to invest on.
    hates the rain
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      I would definately take you time and explore all the options of being an internet entrepreneur. You can go down loads of different pathways.

      1. Online MLM
      2. Affilate Marketing
      3. Direct Sales

      You need to realize that the first part is education... there are only a few aspects of this industry that you can truly master.

      1. PPC
      2. Social Media
      3. Article Writing
      4. Ezine Advertising
      5. Banner Advertisin

      This whole industry boils down to --Traffic and Conversion-- become a master at those and the world is in your hands..

      Jeff Mitchell

      You need to find out exactly

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    Hey man welcome to the big game.

    Having just turned 19 myself and being involved in the industry for about 4 years I would recommend just starting off by reading this forum and getting a handle on whats going on. From here you will be introduced to affiliate marketing and many other ways to make money. The key is to find one that you like the sound of and to stick with it. Focus purely on that one thing and get really good at it. There will be a lot of learning and it isn't going to happen overnight but if you stick with just one thing and don't jump around then you will find success relatively quickly.

    Here is a good place to start.

    Originally Posted by thenns View Post

    Go take part in Ed Dale's 30 day Challenge. Ask loads of question in their forum.
    I wish you the best of luck!
    Click Here For My Free 3 Part Video Training On High Performance and Achievement (The same strategies I teach my clients (which include top sales agents, internet marketers, authors, musicians and business owners).

    Don't quit! Keep going, you are so much closer than you think!
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    hey! You have a really good attitude and sound like you will succeed in this industry. I would say go on several disscussion forums to get a broad overview of how people are making their money and which methods are most successful. However a great way of making a samll amount of income is by article writing and blogs whihc is what I have recently started to do and this could provide you with the basic funds that you need to set up websites, online businesses and more!

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    Dude I'm 15 and although I havnt made 2k prof I made bout £100 through various ventures. Currently I see the way the IM world is heading is affilate marketing as £6.5 billion has been given to affilates in recent years and it's on the rise! I'm sure you know what im talkin bout and as others have sed it's all about finding your niche same as everyone else. Just a heads up though in the IM world your gunna lose money before you make it. Obvious you might think but your be surprised the amount of people expect to write a article with their lnkninnit and just expect the money to roll in.

    Ps read, read, read! The web is full of info on SEO and Traffic and you need to know what everyone's tlkin bout before you buy their product on a WSO. Man the amount of times I've wanted to buy a Wso, but like I've sed look up your info then search Wso for the best on offer. Hell, what do I know?
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    Since you have no leverage or momentum, I recommend you look into Listbuilding first. Start building that list ASAP!
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      All good advice. I was very impressed that you are taking action. That is one of the most important things leading to your success.

      If you can hook up with a person or persons to act as your accountability partner, it is a great idea. Identifying what you need to do will help keep you on track.

      There are many sites out there that help beginners. IM has an terrific number of experienced marketers who want to help others. You will find many here. Be sure to look at the signatures of people that have been particularly helpful.

      I always urge beginners to learn how to research the market and to get competent at keyword research. No matter what the business model you pick, these two skills are essential.

      Good luck.

      Carol Smith
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    Checkout wealthy affiliate academy.

    One can really reap a lot of benefit from there (cause it's like a high school level for internet marketers)

    IMO, I rather master the art of crawling before I walk.
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      You mentioned that you've done a little bit of marketing online, so I would suggest researching whatever marketing strategies you like doing, find a good teacher and maybe do what they're doing. It's always nice to work side-by-side with someone you trust rather than starting with someone you don't know can even help you. study the information, and try some of the techniques out and see if they actually work, then you'll know they're worthy of your attention.
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    You can HONESTLY find all the information you need on this forum. That's is what people told me, but I still went and wasted money on ebooks that all told me the same thing.

    If you have any questions, just ask here. Do not go waste hundreds of dollars.

    But I do recommend http://wealthyaffiliate.com/ That's where I learned a lot of my stuff!
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    Hey heres once piece of advice.

    Don't buy everything you seen in the WSO section. Research a topic you like i.e Blogging, and then delve deeper into that subject. Give it 110% effort, monetize your blog with Adsense for example, and stick it through. So many times people jump ship from one idea to another, you spend too much time reading and learning rather then DOING. I must say I was guilty of that myself.

    Whatever you decide to begin with just take action. That's the best piece of advice I got from members of the Warrior Forum. Be positive, you've got time on your side, so spend time learning but spend as much time DOING.

    Hope this helps.

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      I honestly wouldn't reccommend you buy anything for now. There's so much free value in the WarriorForum already. Get a good grip on the basics first.

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