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I have been lucky enough to get get a CB vendor to do some unique content for me. I want to use it as a guest post on a high traffic blog with a link back to my squeeze page. My question is, how do I present myself in this guest post? I didnt write it, I am not the expert. What is a good way to frame this in the bio section? I dont want to mispresent anything, but I am unsure on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    I think you will need to use quotes and reference the source.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    You didn't write the article but you want to use it as your own on someone else's site to get the benefit? Doesn't this sound off when you read it out loud. If you are going to do a guest post make sure its your own material...
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      I am not going to lie and say that I wrote it. The author was cool enough to do it for me so that I can build a list and promote his product. I am not sure where that is off. Dont all good CB vendors provide affiliates with material to promote their product? Thats why I am looking for advice.
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        A couple of little suggestions ...

        Can you say something like "This information was kindly provided for me by XYZ", but give your own site as the contact details/link?

        Or can you go back to the vendor, explain this problem (which I do see is a bit of an "issue") and ask him what he advises you to do about it - maybe even ask him if you can re-publish it in your name or in a pen-name, perhaps?
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    As a courtesy, I'd ask the vendor for permission to publish the content under your own name -- but honestly, just publish the damn thing and apologize afterwards if the vendor calls foul. You're going to screw up anyway in IM, it's the learning curve, so the sooner you make mistakes the faster you learn.

    With regard to resource boxes, just take a look at and swipe, ahem, rewrite the bio box from an expert author. I'd say 400+ articles submitted is a good threshold for someone worth modeling, particularly if they're in multiple niches.

    Hope this helps.

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    What about: write a post selling his article, put his post on your website and the "selling" post you wrote on the guest blogging site, linking to the article on your site.
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    Indeed, you are lucky to be receiving such an offer for guest post in your behalf. If that is meant for your blog/site, then why post it on other blog instead of using it to gain traffic to your site. Unless, the vendor gives you all the right to submit it to what you thought a high PR blog/site.
    The point is that this guest post might compel others to visit and view your sites on a regular basis.
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    like someone else here said, I also think that quotes and reference to the source will do the trick. it's not as if you misrepresent yourself as the writer...
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    You can put the link back to your offer in the thx page, represents your product as a free bonus . You can also put it in the ebook.

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