I am not getting any conversions,the seller is a liar

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I bought website Best Social Media Wordpress Plugin - Ace Marketing ToolsAce Marketing Tools Present Social Link Domination 4 months ago.The seller claimed it is a hot product and made some decent money from previous months before transfering the site to me.It is a simple wordpress plugin which let users login in using their social media account and send some message from this plugin.

And it can generated about 10 or more clicks per day from then.Recently ,this product is listed on clickbank.com and it already attracted some affiliates to promote.But the problem is :I never get any sale since I took this website.I think the seller is a liar and ever complained to many websites and the transaction platform,flippa.com already blocked his account.

Can anybody tell me what I should do right now?Have another product or make deep changes to this current product?

If my product can not bring sales,those affiliates will eventually go and find other products to promote.

apprecite your ideas very much
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    I haven't try this product before, but I know conversion a little.

    And probably your way to get the people to opt-in doesn't target your potential buyer.
    I would rather have one click per day,but with a very high conversion instead of having a high click through with no conversion.

    In my opinion is not the plugin the problem but your marketing.

    In Internet marketing the most important word is Marketing and your plugin worse nothing if your marketing is poor.

    hope that help
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    I understand you must be feeling frustrated because you must have spent quite a bit of money and time on the websites.

    You can re position your products and change the sales script a bit.
    Instead of focusing on "social media login, send message to your users etc"
    You can position it as "Built your list, capture sales leads through social media login"

    Sell your product based on the benefits and not on the features.

    Write some blog posts, talk to high authority webmaster to market your products.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    You need to make that salespage more appealing. I don't know how good the tool is, but the sales page (layout) is pretty bad. Add some graphics, make it more appealing. Play around with different headlines, etc.
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      Sales page is bad. Nothing really pulling me in to read it and looks maybe too long.

      Also, have you installed and tried your own product? Is it being used on your website?

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Your selling a traffic product which claims the ability to send thousands and thousands of viral traffic quickly but you are getting 10 clicks per day from it?
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      yes,I did not install it on my site,this is really a shame.But it is not that good as stated on the website.
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        Originally Posted by shuwangyan View Post

        yes,I did not install it on my site,this is really a shame.But it is not that good as stated on the website.
        So basically you have a web page up, completely miss leading the customers, selling an under performing plugin and you want help to get conversion? Are you not seeing the problem here or is it just me?
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