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What is the most effective free traffic method for your website? Please say your method and how to effectively do it.
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What is the most effective free traffic method for your website? Please say your method and how to effectively do it.
    If you're looking for traffic for the eComm site in your sig then it's Google Shopping, hands down.

    EDIT: Sorry, it's not free but .01 bids still convert like crazy for me.
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    Google shopping? Is that the same as adwords?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Google shopping? Is that the same as adwords?
      It's not.. I don't recommend adwords for eCommerce at all. The CPCs are insanely high and it's next to impossible to have them convert at a rate that will make it profitable.

      Google Shopping was free until this past October. Since then they switched to the PPC model BUT you can still bid .01 cents/click and get tons of highly converting traffic (in fact, it converts better $1+ clicks that I have tested with Adwords).

      The Google Shopping results now show up on the top right part of your search results... search for any major product and have a look.

      You can sign up here:

      I HIGHLY recommend testing it out.

      Submit your stores datafeed and turn on analytics for eCommerce to track where your sales come from.

      If you're pricing is competitive you should see great results.

      Good Luck!
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    Social bookmarking and forums helped me. Google shopping? what actually it is?
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    If you are looking for free traffic I would definitely suggest the ff:
    -Forum Posting
    -Social Media Posting
    -Blog Commenting

    Note: You need to do it yourself if you want to have a free traffic.
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    Blog posting just look for related blogs to your product? Where can I find blogs?
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    Free traffic methods:

    - Social bookmarking is hard to get good convertion rate if you promote anything and want to make sales
    - Forums are good place to promote products, but make sure to find related forums for your niche/ product.
    - Blog commenting - is hard to get massive traffic but still deliver traffic. However, you can build good relationship with other bloggers.
    - Social media - you need get involved especially Twitter, Facebook for building good relationship with your customers/ visitors
    - SEO on Google - this is high convertion rate - do researching keywords and grab top ranking at Google for the keywords.
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      Have you ever considered buying traffic at all? Just saying - it can be much easier than putting in hours of work trying to get it free. I have used both free methods and paid methods and find paying for traffic is much quicker.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    classified ads, social media
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    I suggest Social media, video sites, and of course SEO
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    Paid traffic which method do you use? And how can one do SEO for free? What exactly is SEO? Sorry im a newb.
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    If you are a newbie who doesn’t know the basics about internet marketing, you should read many posts at this forum and learn what you ignore this way instead of making questions about basic things. This forum is not a private school.

    This forum is a social school. You must read many posts and learn the meaning of everything online before having the right to make questions. First of all, you must study the meaning of the most important tools in internet marketing.

    You came here asking for the best free traffic method as if you already had a website, while you don’t even know what a website means…

    When you’ll learn the basics, you will be able to understand the answers to your questions. You will also understand many things without having to make questions.

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    some good advice here

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    My most effective free traffic methods are content marketing and using traffic exchanges.

    I use article directories, guest blogging and article syndication with my content.

    As far as traffic exchanges, I spend about an hour a day surfing for credits (usually while I'm watching sitcoms or something else on TV) and I promote squeeze pages. I can usually get about 100-150 new subscribers to my list every week. I monetize them by promoting free reports, which promote a product to build on the strategy in the free report. I also feed them into a money system with over 20 streams of income, many paying me every month.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      There are many methods/techniques for driving traffic to a website. And there are many low cost video courses that will teach you one or several of those ways. FaceBook is an example, with it's almost 1 billion registered members in many niches. Do a Google search and type in: Free Traffic Generation or Free Lead Generation - That will give you a good place to start. Good hunting.
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    Article marketing. You can diversify your article content also and distribute on other content hungry sites.
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