SMS Text Marketing WSO?

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IS there a WSO that teaches how to text your list? What to say, what not to say, how many times a week to text,....things of that nature?
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    If there is I'd also be interested
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    Obvious alert.

    You'll need to search the WSO forum or go and ask this question in the mobile marketing forum.
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    How often you text your list really depends on your industry.

    I assume your text message list is for an offline niche of some sort, as I can't imagine an IM SMS list.

    The main reason someone signs up to your SMS list is to receive special offers. That being said, what kind of business are you running?

    If you're a restaurant, then you can afford to send out more texts. People have to eat everyday. Time your texts to an hour or two before typical mealtimes. Subscribers are likely to be hungry around those times and starting to think about what to eat. I'm not saying to text them daily, but you can probably do one blast every week or two.

    If you're running an auto repair shop, then you are going to have to text them a lot less. People don't need auto repair or even oil changes that often. If they hear from you more than once a month, they will get sick of you fast.

    There's no "right" number of times to text people. Even if you only text your list once a year some subscribers will still be mad. You have to test and refine until you hit that spot.

    Remember that SMS marketing is not like email marketing. It's a lot more personal. Tread carefully.
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