internet marketer magazine?

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I have a couple questions for you.
Do you think we, as internet marketers, need a magazine?
If so, what would you want to see?

I ask this question because I think we do and I want to start a conversation about it to see if it's something people want or need.
Am I crazy?
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    A few well-known marketers have tried the magazine model in the past. They don't seem to be going anymore so I would say it wasn't a great success.

    Here is Mike Filsaime's one:

    You can see it hasn't been updated since the end of last year. If Mike couldn't make it work with his big following then that should tell ya something.
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    I think for IM'ers a mag is rather difficult to be successful because we use the Internet 7/24/365 and hardly go for a print mag to get our news.

    But there is a great PLR Marketing Magazine around in the WSO section from Garret and Wendy which target Offline clients.

    Take a look at this, it's worth 10x the low price.


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    Entrepreneur magazine does very well.

    If this is something you really are passionate about I say go for it.

    You can create E-magazines and publish them through various portals such as iTunes, you could have a website too.

    As a hard copy magazine im not sure you could get that to take off. If I was going to start one I would go down the e-book/magazine route.

    1.) No overheads
    2.) Test the waters

    If it does take off thats great, use some of that money and invest into getting hard copies printed.

    If not, you lost nothing buy you will have gained knowledge.

    If you really are passionate about it, go for it. I would subscribe
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    Michael -- It's good! Just noticed that you are a contributor there as well.

    Having a printed IM mag to browse through on the couch/porch/jet-ski would be a nice break from looking at a monitor/tablet/phone all flippin' day long.


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    Good idea, but I think it would require a huge budget and staff to constantly update it
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    Going back 2 or 3 years, possibly longer, "The Net Effect" was launched (by StomperNet) as a hard copy magazine, but I believe they had problems with delivery worldwide (i.e. on time) so they switched it to solely digital format for $39.95 a month, which is not exactly cheap but you can check it out here:
    The Net Effect Digital Magazine | StomperNet - Stompernet Products
    Complete Blogging Course and List Building Kit:
    100% FREE Download - Click HERE

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