How much is one article worth?

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O.K. Stupid question... I know it depends on SO many variables (like keywords, landing pages, etc.)

I am somewhat new to Article marketing / submission.

Does anyone have any ballpark (in terms of revenue) about how much one might expect to squeeze out of one well written article with good headline, content and call to action?

In other words, "If I submit 50 articles per month" pointing back to a site with an ebook or affiliate offer... from your experience, how much will each article be worth per month?"

Thanks for any thoughts...

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    It depends is the only decent answer you can possibly get. It depends on way more factors than the ones you listed. The only number you can possibly get is one pulled out of somebody's arse. This level of uncertainty no doubt annoys a lot of people (especially people like me who want straight answers and real figures) but there's not much you can do.
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      Way funny dude. Honestly, I expected this answer.

      Related question... would you recommend a service such as

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        Hi Tony,

        Well since you set yourself up and stated it was a stupid question right off the bat.....

        Obviously, nobody has an answer. However, there are two things I can tell you.

        First, you're going to make a LOT more if the program/product you are promoting is a consumable one that pays lifetime income.

        Second, article marketing has real staying power. A lot of people seem to think articles are here today, gone tomorrow.

        But I have articles I've written YEARS ago (2-3 years ago) still sitting at the top of the search engines for good keywords pulling in sales years later for campaigns I haven't touched since then. And, they are pulling in those sales for lifetime income programs.

        Keep those in mind as you set out on your article marketing quest.

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    What niche is the article written on?

    What demand for the product is there?

    Who will be reading this article?

    Where will your readers be coming from when they read your article?

    Do you provide enough quality content to whet the appetite and arouse desire
    for the solution which can only be obtained in the product you link to?

    Is the salesletter converting?

    Have you researched your market well enough to know what motivates your readers to buy?

    Does your article title pique curiosity and entice the reader to read the article?

    Why would someone want to read your article?

    After reading your article, why would someone want to buy the product you link to?

    Do you link to a squeeze page with a free offer or do you direct link to the salespage?

    The more accurately you can answer these questions specifically,
    the more likely you'll be able to test each part and optimize your articles in any niche.

    However, you want to be writing your articles and focusing your marketing
    in areas where there is already a proven demand.

    It's far too expensive to 'educate' your readers

    than it is to provide them a way to buy what they already are looking for.

    Your article can bond with your reader showing you understand the problem,
    can demonstrate your expertise as the author as someone who knows the solution
    and then offer the solution with your strong call to action leading to your offer.

    The more you know about the wants, needs and problems of the people who will be reading your article, the more effectively you'll be able to communicate that satisfying those wants, meeting those needs and the solution to their problems is what your products/services will do for them as they take the actions you recommend.
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    Wow! There is no real answer to the question because outcomes will change with each possible mix of the variables. For the most part, articles are pre-sell. Conversion will depend on quality or pre-sell in terms of bringing targeted traffic, as well as quality of sales page, niche etc. Your income will obviously be impacted by whether you are selling your own product or an affiliate product.
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      it depends as has been said. I found an article (one of the top ones in my niche) that got an insane 250,000 views! Assuming a 10% click through rate that's 25,000people to his web site. pretty darn nice.

      No way to know really, write 10 articles to ezine and see what your views/ctr is on average. That should give you an idea as to how well your articles will do.
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