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Simple question,

When posting content to a NEW site, should I drip feed content or post it all at once?

I have 30 articles (1 month of content) ready to go. I guess I should drip feed an article every day or so rather than put it all up in one go?

What is the correct way of going about things?
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    I'm extremely OCD with my websites, I normally post everything on the first day. What I have been starting to do is attaching blogs to my sites, and updating those regularly. The main site I would update once month or so.
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    I've found that posting at odd interavls for 2-3 days manually gets better results and then I auto post after that with different daily intervals.

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    Thanks Rick, I think thats what I am going to do, when you say you post at random intervals, do you still post only 1 article or can it be 2/3
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  • Do not post everything on the first day. What will you offer your visitors for the following days if you will post all in the first day? Post articles regularly. Also, by posting regularly, you will create an impression that your website, even though it is new has something new to offer everyday. It will also look more active that way.
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    Post it manually - make it look natural.
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    Don't post everything on day 1. It will definitely raise a red flag to Google. Also, if you set it to drip-feed, make it as random as possible. Have 1 article today, none tomorrow, maybe 2-3 the next day and so on. Also use different hours, and different word counts for each article.
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    Try to avoid posting everything one day. Post an Article every other day to make it look natural so google wont slap you with a penguin, octupus or whatever furry animal is out there.
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    Drip feed over about two months, manually. And be sure to ping your website once you've put up the first couple of articles, so that it gets indexed faster than if you just leave it up to the gods.
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